Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year Resolution -- Just One

I've really got only one New Year's Resolution.

And it's to be more present in my life, mainly with my girls. I feel like I can easily just rush through my days with my girls and wake up to find them grown. Or grown away, even if still at home.

There's two sub-goals to help me achieve this one overarching goal: one, aim for eight hours of sleep a night. When I'm well rested, I am much calmer and saner and happier. I probably won't often achieve eight hours but it's a good goal. Seven hours is pretty good but eight is better.

And two, check off at least one item from my to do list every single day. Preferably in the evening, before I relax. (Daytime items are good too but I need to be more disciplined about not just throwing in the towel every evening.)

Like Shannon, I'd like to eliminate sugar (again). I manage it for a few days and then fall off the wagon. I'm pleased that I exercised every day of my 10 day break but one, when I was instructed not to for medical reasons. But I don't want to make a resolution about it. I feel like I need fewer resolutions and more self love for the time being.

Being home over the break and especially, potty training Amelie and being forced to slow down and just BE with her, really helped me realize I wanted to prioritize goal number one.