Thursday, June 7, 2012


So I've been working, half heartedly, perhaps, on teaching Calliope some signs for a while now. We did a baby signing class a couple months ago that was great and got me all fired up.

However, a lack of response from Calliope has led my enthusiasm to dwindle somewhat, though I keep trying.

The instructor suggested we start with just two signs, "more" and "all done," as these signs can be used in almost any setting -- more food, more singing, more bubbles, for example. But she said we can do others, too. So I sometimes also do the one handed version of "milk" for nursing -- she suggested this adaption for nursing moms so it doesn't look quite so much like milking a cow when you are trying to be discreet ! And a few days ago, based on someone's suggestion, I started using the sign for "potty," as in "it's time to go potty" -- which, it turns out, is hard to explain! A much more complicated concept than "more" -- for example, at what point, exactly, in the pottying process would you make the sign for "going potty"?

Anyway, this morning, I settled into the glider with Calliope perched on the ottoman and asked "do you want to nurse?" while making the sign for "milk".

And she flashed me a cheerful grin and started clapping.

At first I was confused, and thought she didn't understand.

But then we went through the same thing two more times.

And then I saw that my daughter did understand. But she didn't see any reason to sign back to me the word she knew I already knew -- she was instead signaling her approval of my suggestion that we nurse!

I think she's too smart for me already.

The other funny thing from today: so during her nap while I was at work, she figured out how to grab the cord of the baby monitor camera which is mounted on the wall above her crib. The nanny set the camera on the dresser next to her bed, which I didn't remember until after Calliope was in bed, extra early tonight (6 pm) because she isn't feeling well. I could hear her coughing over the audio but I wanted to see her as well because she vomited in her crib last night and I never knew it (and yes, twice nursed her and put her back, right on top of the vomit. Bad mommy! Strange that she didn't complain.)

So I tiptoed back into the room (she was already fast asleep) and set the camera in the corner of the crib.

About ten minutes later, she woke herself up, coughing. At first, she tossed from one side to the other, fussing a little but trying to go back to sleep. At some point she noticed the camera, and her eyes got bigger and bigger as she stared at the curious interloper in her crib until all of the sudden....


the camera turned upside and then I couldn't see anything anymore.

I went into her room and she looked up at me from the crib with that guilty expression she always has when I come into the room unexpectedly, like, "what? me? I wasn't doing anything!"

She was huddled over the camera, carefully exploring it. and cried briefly as I removed the camera and put it back on the dresser. I picked her up and sang to her our bedtime song again and put her back in the crib.

I went back to the living room and was on the phone when i heard a thud, and a moment later, the "beep beep" of "there's no audio connection." laughing hard, now, I went back into the room as Calliope looked up guiltily, camera power cord caught in her mouth.

I fished the cord out of her mouth and the crib, leading to a wail of indignation until she thrust her arms through the crib slats and towards the nearby power cord of the nightlight. When I likewise moved this out of her reach, she got very upset indeed.

It was all too much to bear, and I eventually hoisted her out and took her to the crib for a quick nurse to settle her again... except then a friend showed up to pick up some groceries, so she stayed up for some socializing because I was distracted.

I think it's going to be a long night. She's woken up three times already with a cough that clearly hurts her throat. At least she's funny!


  1. LOL! Your girl is going to be a handful.

    It took a while for Finn to catch on to the signs, but he now knows quite a few - in fact I need to learn more to teach him. It's so awesome!

    I just noticed something today - don't you think it's time you took the "to be" off the header on your blog? :)

  2. So smart and so curious. She's going to keep you on your toes!

  3. I love that she clapped when you signed for "milk." She's too funny and apparently very entertaining.

  4. Oh she's a smart cookie alright!!