Sunday, March 16, 2014


It's a (not very important) issue I've struggled with for a while now.

Bangs or no bangs.

Bangs seem like a lot of work. There's upkeep required. Not my strong suit. And the inevitable growing out is protracted and painful.

But then my always tactful mother asked me last weekend, "Will you please do me a favor? Cut her hair before your brother's wedding. Her face looks too thin without bangs."

Um, thanks Mom. For making me paranoid that my gorgeous, gorgeous girl looks freaky.

But then my friend Emily pointed out that while my child doesn't look freaky to her, her wispy baby hair is difficult to manage in its current state. It's always in her face, requiring daily pigtails or else barrettes that need frequent adjustments. So she recommended bangs, too.

So for the high price of $3 ($5 with tip), I took Calliope to a local Dominican place -- we were the only ones actually there for a haircut, everyone else was getting things washed and set and styled -- she got herself some bangs.

I had major haircutter's (***made up word) remorse afterwards. It looked kind of awkward and awful.

But now I like it a lot better. It's felt very liberating to let her run around all day with her hair just... hanging down! That hasn't happened in many months.

Only bad thing is that I asked her to only cut a few bangs, and so there's still some hair in her face. May need to get a little more cut next weekend.


  1. She looks adorable! You should learn how to cut her bangs yourself. And then practice lots while she is young and doesn't care if you mess up. We are currently in the thinking/trying stage (ha!) of growing out Fiona's bangs. We'll see how long that lasts... she hates having her hair "styled" so I'm pretty sure we'll end up cutting her bangs short again...

    1. Ha, I love it, the "thinking/trying" stage of bangs! Hilarious!

      How did you learn to cut hair for your kids? Did you watch tutorials on You Tube or just wing it?

    2. I was self-taught in high-school/college -- I used to charge my dorm-mates $5 for a haircut. It all started with a friend who really didn't care if I screwed up, he just wanted his hair short, and it turned out pretty well. There are some good online tutorials on bang-cutting - it's worth looking them up. The big thing is you MUST layer them (just a bit!) - they look like a hack job if you just cut straight across. I'll try to find a good link for you!

  2. Bangs are easy! Always trim them dry because wet hair is longer and you'll cut them too short.

  3. She looks great in bangs! I think it was a great decision--the proof is in the picture!

  4. She looks precious, before & now!! I have finally bit the bullet & made an appointment to have Elena's hair April...I have to work myself up to it. I don't think I hadn't considered bangs, but now...maybe?

  5. Very cute! She looks like such a little girl. I haven't cut Annelise hair yet. Thankfully she had curly hair so that hides the unevenness of the back and she's really good about keeping barrettes in for her bangs.

    I agree with Claire learn to do the bangs and basic trims yourself. It will make things easier down the road.

  6. Bangs or no bangs is definitely a big decision. We have been going through the same! You did the right thing - I remember as kid my mother left it too long for me - and I cut my own! Lived with that for quite a few years!

  7. She is adorable with bangs!I agree with the others though about getting comfortable with bangs and trims. It will be easier and cheaper over time.

  8. I think she looks great!

    Jordyn has bangs. I have a very wide (well, tall, I guess) forehead, and I think she does, too. I hate mine, and probably should have bangs, but I hate the idea of upkeep. And there's no way I'd cut my own!

    I really do like bangs on Calliope, though, and if it makes it easier, isn't it worth it??

  9. She is for sure "gorgeous, gorgeous," with or without 'em! That is a stunning shot of her, though. Looks great!