Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Six Months

A half a year of Amelie!

She's adjusted easily to being with the nanny instead of with me. Truthfully, it's probably easier for her because the nanny can devote the day's schedule to the needs of Amelie and Leo, her nanny share buddy. With me, I'm constantly having to compromise Amelie's naps in favor of Calliope's needs... or occasionally my own. Things like needing to go get an oil change during her nap time.

So she's always pleased to see Susie when she arrives, and screeches with delight at Susie's early morning smiles. She looks a little puzzled when I come home at the end of the day -- "you again? back already?" but then lights up with smiles.

Due to Calliope's repeated entreaties to not sleep alone, Amelie's crib has been moved from my room to Calliope's, err, the girls' room. That was enough for Calliope -- she didn't want to get dressed alone, either. So last Rosh Hashanah (two days off from school), Susie helped me sort baby clothes and then move everything into Calliope's room.

Amelie is in 6-12 month onesies (though the 3-6 month ones often still fit) and 3-6 month pants... and they are still big on her. Girlfriend has got some short stubby legs. But they are covered with delicious squishiness!

She just rolled onto her back from her stomach on her six month "birthday" and is sitting pretty well these days though still needs a pillow behind her because when she gets excited, her arms fly up and she falls backwards. I neglected the pillow the other day to tragic results. Poor baby cried and cried (probably less than a minute though my guilt made it feel much longer) though luckily there was no bump.

She's enchanted by her sister and the feeling is mutual. Calliope asks to hold her every day. Though Calliope positively glows when I sternly admonish Amelie, "No pulling hair, Amelie." It's always good to not be the only one getting in trouble.

I feel bad that Amelie so often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to my attention. But she's so easy going and Calliope needs a lot of attention these days. Soon enough, Amelie will be needier and less accepting of others for attention. For now, though, she basks in the love of anyone who will smile back at her.


  1. She is so stinkin' adorable! I love that quilt too. I'm happy to hear everyone is adjusting well :)

  2. She really is so so cute! Carys never got as much attention as Fiona did as baby simply due to being #2 (and also was easy going so didn't demand it). Don't worry about it. I think they are fine for the most part just accompanying the family in routine activities where they are not the center of attention.

  3. I LOVE that smile!! I can't believe how big she is getting. Seems too fast!

  4. Oh she is precious!!! I could watch that video over & over!!