Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Trip to the Circus

I'm really tired and want to go to bed but have to finish cleaning up the kitchen, which means it's a perfect time to blog, right?

Lately I've been going to bed at 8:30. Just so damn tired, recovering from the bronchitis and trying to get my fitness back up. Until the weekend, when I stupidly stay up late. Leaving me more tired on weekends than weekdays. What is that???

So just a quick post because I never have the energy/time/inclination to blog, but I miss it.

Before the circus (at Lincoln Center): Mommy, Calliope, Auntie Salt Lick (who treated us to the show)

I splurged and bought her one of those expensive (but cheap!) light up toys this year...
It's the little things, right? Especially when you are four.

Dressed up "extra fancy" for the circus. Extra fancy meaning a tutu, worn backwards and pulled up to her nipples, special jewels, and cupcake underwear. Oh, and mismatched socks. When wearing said outfit, it's important to lift the skirt all the way up before sitting on the subway, to ensure the cupcake underwear makes direct contact with the plastic seat, ideally while sitting next to a woman in hijab.

Casually perusing a little Curious George

When I put her on her knees yesterday, she stayed put for a few seconds! And today, she got
up on her knees all on her own a couple of times! Mobility, ready or not, here we come!

Just being her cute little self.

I let Calliope carry Amelie (while walking) for the first time.
Amelie seems untroubled by her new form of transportation.

...But those dangling legs make Mommy a little nervous.

Calliope's thank you note for Auntie Salt Lick (to thank her for the circus): a picture of Calliope. She has three noses. And
pink hair on one side, red on the other. The lines on top of the face are her forehead. Then there's eyes, the aforementioned
three noses, cheeks, mouth, and chin. Perhaps not entirely to scale. I'm tickled that she draws chins and foreheads.
The "MOMOMOM" means "I love you Auntie Salt Lick. Love, Calliope." 

On the back: The artist's signature. And no, she did not want help with spelling her name. There's ice creams underneath.

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  1. LOVE the self-portrait! Elsie also adds chins to hers. I am impressed with her writing. Elsie has NO interest in writing/reading.