Monday, January 25, 2016

Marriage and Daddies

Calliope is very interested in the idea of getting married. Entirely because she wants to wear a fabulous outfit.

She informed the nanny tonight that she, Calliope, is getting married. To herself. 

The idea that you STAY married is unfathomable to her. To her, getting married is like going to the movies. Something you do for a few hours. And not necessarily with another person... unless you know someone else who wants to wear a fabulous outfit, too!

However, she also mentioned finding us a Daddy. She told me, "it's a special case and I will need a magnifying glass."

Clearly she has been inspired by a book my parents made for me, back when I was five, about my being a detective. She is now ready to solve The Case Of The Missing Daddy.

She said it wouldn't be a problem for him to sleep in my bed... there would still be space for her because she could just sleep on his belly.

"This is my family. You are smiling because you got married to Uncle Scott.
Me and Amelie are crying because someone punched us in the eye."
Notice the round things on our arms? Those are elbows.
Yeah, we have elbows but not torsos. Go figure.


  1. LOL!! I love it!

    Elsie is marrying her friend from school, J. But B also plans ot marry J so there have been arguments. Now they are both marrying him. And I recently found out they are all planning to live with me. So much for an empty nest. ;)

  2. So funny how and when they come up with this. Today we made a snowman and Fiona said "He can be our dad!" I vetoed that idea, too cold. I LOVE the picture at the bottom. "Someone punched us in the eye." LOL

  3. I'm just now catching up on a couple months of posts… Jordyn's new thing lately is to make me be "daddy" and she's the mommy, and I have to help her take care of her babies. I keep trying to say we don't need to have a daddy, not everyone has a daddy… So then once I was the nana and she was the mommy, I think. Or maybe I was the grandpa, I don't remember. But yeah, the daddy thing comes up around here, too. I think she's just playing with it to sort of try to figure it out in her own way, through play. It's not coming up in a bad way, so I'm ok with it!