Sunday, October 23, 2011

the latest

Growing in the garden

All is going well.

On Friday I filled out a daycare application for Calliope.

So that decision has been made.

She will go to the inexpensive place a block and a half from home.

I'm not in love with it... but all of my objections to it were minor. And the advantages -- convenience and money -- are huge. The caregivers seem kind and loving.

And I've made a promise to myself that with the savings we are making, or at least, the debt we are not going into... I'm going to take some of those savings and use them for awesome Calliope And Mommy Adventures. Including the SMC trip to Smuggler's Notch this summer. And a trip to San Francisco this summer.

I've also not committed to taking a summer job. So we will have lots and lots of time together.

It's good to have this decision behind us.

"Sleep" training is going well, I suppose. I put sleep in quotations because apart from crib training a week ago, which was a huge success and pretty painless,  I haven't done anything so far to influence her sleep directly. I am continuing to try to feed her every four hours... but only through distraction. If she cries, I feed her. We sometimes succeed in waiting four hours, sometimes not. Last night she wanted to eat waaay before she was "supposed to." We nursed a long time. A few days ago, my milk supply took a major hit. Not sure why. I had a little stomach bug the following day. And I've been giving her a bottle of breastmilk during the night (also part of "sleep training") so either of these could be a factor. But it's pretty much back now, thank goodness.

Two nights ago, she woke up at 1:30 am, so I was thinking it wasn't going well. But then last night... she slept eight and a half hours without waking up!

So maybe it is working?


  1. Such a cute picture of the two of you - and I love the video!

    Congrats on deciding on a daycare. That's one huge thing you can stop worrying about now!

  2. Too cute. I thought she was going to roll over for a second there.