Saturday, December 3, 2011

She's On the Move. Well, Sort Of

Three out of four voters on Facebook voted, so far, that the below photo counts.

I left her on her back and came back to this.

In other words, yes, she really did roll over!

Not too shabby for a three and a half month old!

She definitely got that from the donor. Apparently I was the laziest baby ever and didn't walk until nineteen months.

I still can't get over the fact that my mother wasn't worried by this.

For the record, I want you to know that now I walk with the best of them. I run, even. Albeit very slowly.

On a different note, I dreamed last night that I was working at a summer camp (Calliope was there with me) and we found out there were snipers at the camp. And I had to decided if I (we) were going to try to hide in the woods, or try to escape, or stay and face the attackers and hope for mercy because of having the baby.

It was horrible. I can't figure out why I had this dream.

Day two of work was better for Calliope. She ate and slept as expected. Work was fine, too. The doula brought Calliope to the clinic at the end of the day. It was fun to show her off to a few folks, but once I nursed her, I started to feel very, very tired. It's strange how most of the time I feel fine after a nursing, but every now and then, the hormones do something peculiar and leave me feeling like my ass has been kicked. After work (it took me thirty minutes to pack up my lunch dishes for two days (because of running home the previous day, I had all this extra stuff), my work clothes from the previous days, Amaz.on deliveries, bags of pumped milk, pump parts, the diaper bag, my regular work bag) we went with my co-workers to the goodbye party for my boss.

I'm glad we went, even though I'm not necessarily a big fan of hers. But she organized a baby shower for me last year, so I felt I owed her in a karmic sort of way. She also came to see me in the hospital after Calliope was born, which was a little strange -- your boss showing up when you are braless and oozing fluids from every orifice and edematous and unable to walk and with tender not-so-private parts is a little uncomfortable... but it was nice, too. Anyway, she confided in me yesterday that she and her new husband have been "trying" for a year without success. For that, I feel truly sympathetic. Everyone should get babies when they want them (and not before). It was nice that she felt comfortable confiding in me.

The level of exhaustion I felt by the time we got home (before 7, and via cab) was not to be believed. But now I'm grateful to have that first "week" of work behind me.

For those expecting who might read this... I heartily endorse the plan of going back to work mid-week. I'm very grateful I did it.

And now I am looking forward to having the nanny start on Monday, and having that scary first day back, done.


  1. That totally counts as a roll. It took Carys a while to figure out how to get her arm out from under her, but now she's a pro at that. The second I lay her on her back, she rolls onto her tummy,then gets stuck there and pissed off. She's getting a TON of tummy time in this way, though. Hope your weekend is relaxing!

  2. Oh and about the not walking until 19 months.... My neighbor said her firstborn didn't move at all, not even crawling, until 18 months! They were very worried, and the ped was finally about to do something about it, when Cullen essentially got up and started walking. Both parents are serious marathoners so they were totally stressed. But he's now a very athletic 13 year old boy. Guess some babies just aren't in a rush to move!

  3. I'm so glad you mentioned about feeling so tired after some nursing sessions...I feel that way too sometimes & thought it was just me. I didn't realize it was a hormone thing.

    Yeah, Calliope!! That roll counts in my book too! Elena did the same thing Claire mentioned, getting her arm stuck...