Monday, December 12, 2011


Improved head control and starting to use her hands to play with toys!

I know, what else is new, right?

But I'm having to reconfigure life a little bit because my first week back at work pretty much hit me like a ton of bricks.

By Thursday afternoon, it was all I could do to keep on going.

And I felt tired all weekend. Getting a little stomach thing on Saturday didn't help. It was over by mid-afternoon but it made me even more wiped out.

Calliope seemed to feel similarly, as she passed out on the floor at 8:30 in the morning while I was indisposed. Poor girl. I made the apparently bad decision to move her to the crib... she woke up and never went back to sleep. I hate it when I screw up her sleep.

My girl where she fell asleep on the floor. Isn't the thumb-in-mouth so sweet?

So I've got a new plan. I call it: Project Prioritize Sleep Above All Else.

Basically, I realized that life depends, right now, on me getting enough rest. Everything else, things like doing the dishes and writing thank you notes (and blogging)... not so critical.

But I'm also wondering how pumping is affecting me... I am not getting such a small amount of sleep. I think the pumping is kicking my ass. I suspect that I am actually increasing my supply with my very diligent pumping. Today I counted and got a total of 20 ounces. And she only ate 10 ounces. My freezer is getting a bit ridiculous with the three gallon zip.loc bags filled with breast milk baggies. I've been so scared of screwing up and losing my milk, but I'm going to talk to my pediatrician/lactation consultant to see if maybe I could drop the 3 pm pumping.

I've also not been nearly as hungry, which is nice in that I think maybe the scale is finally moving in the right direction, but it leaves me super tired. I often don't realize I'm hungry until I finally eat something and realize, oh, I wasn't so tired as I thought, I was hungry. But I don't have a lot of time and energy for making interesting foods. And when it's the same lunch for five days in a row... I get to where I'd just as soon not eat. So I need to figure out a better solution for this.

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