Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Heart Staycation

The onesie everyone signed at my baby shower!

I'm loving my week off, at home, with my girl. Though after a long quiet day together today, with no outings except an hour at the home of a nearby friend, I am realizing that I am probably not cut out for Stay At Home Motherhood. I think I would get, frankly, bored.

I'm not feeling all that much like I'm on vacation, either. I think maybe those days are gone forever. Though it's not so much because of her as everything else that I want to get caught up on.

Or else I have to get a whole lot more organized so that I somehow prioritize having "free" time over catching up on emails and listserves.

My mom came to visit for the three day weekend. That was nice. She's not much of a talker, or all that social -- she wanted to hang out and watch the baby with me. Literally, we sit there and gaze at her, watching her do her thing. Other than that, she wanted to read, or play Scrabble on her Kindle. It was fine with me because I am some kind of tired lately.

Calliope's previously awesome sleep has taken a turn for the worse. Last week, two nights in a row, she was up three times. Requiring me to be up... at 12:30, 3:30, and 5:30.

This makes getting up at 6 am less than pleasurable.

I think girlie has discovered separation anxiety. Twice today, I left her alone momentarily, only to hear screaming sobs, the type that mean either severe pain or abject terror.

Both times, I came hurrying back into the room to find... nothing.

Of course, another time today, I heard a loud "clonk" noise just before the scream, and swiveled around in my chair to find my baby had tipped over sideways. The "clonk" was the sound of her head hitting the floor.


She had already stopped crying by the time I reached her.

Calliope learned to wave this weekend!

It was all very exciting.

She's getting better at standing, and loves to practice. She bounces up and down and screeches at the same time. It gets pretty loud and monkey-house-like around here sometimes.

We also started solids in a more official way, putting her in the high chair and everything!

However, if it's not swiped from Mommy, she's not interested.

Bananas in the high chair went over okay yesterday (I gave her a long skinny piece of banana, which naturally splits into thirds (easier to grasp than if it's cut)) and were met with sobs today. Go figure.

Sure, I can hang out in this chair. I'm going to ignore
the weird looking white thing on the tray, though.

Hmm, so you want to introduce me to the white thing, eh?

Okay, Mommy, I love you, so I'm game for anything!

You hold it, though. I don't want to get my fingers yucky.

I'm starting to feel suspicious that perhaps this isn't such a good idea

Okay, here I go, I'm trying it.

Oh, Mommy! That's disgusting!

This act of treachery is heartbreaking

And now I can never trust you again.
I'm not so much angry as  hurt and disappointed.


  1. Tell her to stop growing up so quickly!! Every time you post pictures, she looks like she has grown and changed so much!!

  2. LOL! I think she and Finn might be food cousins. :) I love that look of disgust on her face!

    She's so adorable, I love that sweet wave of hers.

  3. I love the play-by-play with the banana! She is so freakin' cute!

  4. Ha, that's hilarious! Add Carys to the "disgusted with food" club. After that first try that I blogged about when she was barely 6 months, she'll have NOTHING to do with food. And now she knows what's coming - that kid can clench her lips shut tighter than a bear trap.