Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Nastya snapped some pictures of Calliope standing, albeit briefly, last week. My jaw literally (not just metaphorically) dropped when I saw this. I am no not ready for my five month old (for one more day, but was only 5 months and three weeks when this was taken) to be standing!

As you can see from the top picture, she's also recently discovered how to stick out her tongue, and seems to enjoy this new ability. But when I stick my tongue out back at her, she seems puzzled.

She has graduated from the bath seat in the tub, now that she is sitting so well. But I am far too nervous to let her sit alone in the big tub. I was planning to start using the large baby tub I have... but have discovered that the kitchen sink is once again perfect for her (we used the kitchen sink with the bath seat when she was tiny, then moved the bath seat to the tub). So now she sits in the kitchen sink (without a seat), which is ever so much more convenient than the big tub... plus it keeps the bath toys in convenient reach for her, which is an advantage, given that her reaching and grabbing and retaining of toys is still not 100% reliable. It's hilarious to watch her trying to grab things as they float by... it's like bobbing for apples for older kids, only she's using her hands... and yet they still elude her sometimes!

I passed along her standard yellow duckies for the BPA-and-everything-else-free-yet-still-plastic Bo.on duckies, and I have to say, she loves them. Plus the similarly everything-free BeanSpr.outs stacking cups are great for the bath, and so delicous! (okay, I haven't personally tasted them, but Calliope and Eleanor sure do love chewing on them.)

I successfully hosted a "baby brunch" on Sunday. I have a little touch of social anxiety at times, and generally avoid hosting at all costs, so I was proud of myself. I had six babies, six mommas (including two other SMCs), and two dads. It was fun!

I didn't get a chance to snap a pic until two babies had already left to go home for naps, but here's four babies. M, age 11 months, is already crawling, little Eleanor learned to sit independently while she was over that day!, and Luna is still working on her sitting skills.

And here's a funny one of Calliope and Eleanor. Nastya props them in the glider and then sits on the ottoman to sing and play the guitar (I gave her a book on how to play since I have a guitar and she likes music). The girls LOVE her singing and playing! A five month old audience is perfect for a fledgling musician.

I like how Eleanor cleverly stashed her pacifier in the stacking cups...
I'm telling you, these cups are their favorite toys!


  1. A bunch of babies in a photo together, does it get any cuter?! I can't believe Calliope is already able to stand, she must have some strong little muscles!

  2. I love the look on her face in the sink! She's so stinking cute!

    And standing already? Finn didn't do that until he was almost 8 months. Wow!

  3. Yeah for standing!!! Watch out, Mama! She's gonna be on her way now!!! I love the look on Calliope's face while sitting on the glider! She is so expressive!

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