Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Further Complications

My mom had an echocardiogram today to make sure her heart was unaffected by the MRSA infection in her bloodstream... and the echo found something that might be an abscess on her atrial valve.

The nurse practitioner was apparently not too concerned, and said worst cacse scenario, my mom might have to be on IV antibiotics for six weeks instead of four weeks.

However, her oncologist's partner said that he doesn't want her to receive chemotherapy while she's on the antibiotics.

And that's scaring me quite a bit. If her cancer is aggressive, then postponing treatment seems really scary.

I don't know that there's anything to be done about it, but I'm anxious.

I keep thinking that I should head up there... but the same obstacles still exist, plus there's a new one... Boston is expected to receive 18-24 inches of snow this weekend. But I mentioned the trip as a remote possibility to my brother (after I mentioned it to my mother and she vetoed it) and he put some not so subtle pressure on me to come anyway.

On top of all this, our nanny has just told us that she would like to work only eight hours a day, instead of ten. Starting as soon as we can find someone to babysit.

Eek. Not what I was hoping for, another change, right now.

My nanny-share partner asked one of my neigbors in the building if she knew anyone, and it turns out that this woman babysits several children in her apartment, right on my floor. That seems like a potentially great solution, but of course I'm already predicting that the TV is on all the time and that Calliope will start eating lots of sugar as a result of this arrangement.

It's possible that this is not the absolutely best time for me to try to figure this all out.


  1. It's all too much at the same time! Why does this always happen?

    I know you want to be there for your mom, but you aren't helping her at all if you give her your cold...and is there anything you could do this weekend that would make it worth that?

    Thinking of you and sending you big hugs.

  2. That is quite a bit to handle at one time. Hopefully your moms medication will get figured out to help her with a best-case-scenario.

  3. When it rains it pours, huh? Sorry you're having to deal with all of this at once. I hope your mom is ok and you can find a babysitting solution.

  4. Yuck! Good luck with it all and healthy well-wishes to your mom (and some wishes to lay off the guilt trips to your brother).

  5. Everything all at once!! If you have colds then you're not doing your mom any favours by visiting. She doesn't need those germs so don't let your brother feel guilty. Hope things work out with your babysitting situation

  6. I hope your mom is ok. And hopefully your nanny will continue her current hours long enough for you to find someone you like to care for the girls.

  7. Whose to say the sitter on your floor isn't the complete opposite of your prediction? Even the thought of it being a bad situation adds unneeded stress I'm sure. I'd check her out when you have everything else wrapping up especially with her being so close.