Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Uneasy Peace

It's been more than a week of only nursing twice a day.

But Calliope still pleads for "neh neh?" several other times a day.

Thanks to the sage advice of women on the SMC Forum, I distract -- "want some cheese" -- or acknowledge and commit to the future, "we will have neh neh after dinner."

Surprisingly, this works! So far, anyway.

I don't have the heart to make her cry by denying nursing to her, but so far, she's never pushed me. So she doesn't know that Mommy would totally cave.

I'm planning to wait on reducing further, to once a day, until she's not asking during the day so much.

I'm really relieved that I won't have to paint myself with vinegar or lemon. I think I'd nurse her until she was four before I could stomach that option.

In other news, I think I can fairly say that Calliope's high speed locomotion is now running! Roughly speaking. Slow and awkward, but running, sort of, nonetheless. Her little friend "Gah!" seemed like he was running practically as soon as he was walking, practically, but Calliope is apparently a more cautious type than he.

We go for lots of walks around the neighborhood and she's getting more endurance by the week. I can't wait until we can abandon the stroller. That appears to be a long way away, still. She turns and goes the opposite direction every few steps. Though bringing the doll stroller with us yesterday gave her a purpose -- propelling the thing down the sidewalk -- which is perhaps the reason she covered twice as much ground as usual, about three short blocks.

We went to see a ten day old baby yesterday, and two month old preemie twins today. I let Calliope warm up for a while before I held them. She didn't seem to mind, but she did come right over and pucker up for a big kiss from me, as if to say "just don't forget who's your favorite and very best baby." Normally I only get a kiss at bedtime. And then she started scooting backwards, insuinating her bottom into my lap. Luckily there was room for her and a newborn there. She was otherwise gentle and curious about the babies, if slightly alarmed when they cried -- her thumb would instantly go into her mouth while her other hand twiddled her ear.

Newborns are delicious, aren't they? I had forgotten how tiny and perfect they are. And also how much they seem like God's unfinished business. They really are just barely formed. Part of me can't wait to have another and part of me remembers how tired and awful my body felt, and realizes just how great life is right now. Still, it was awfully sweet to see Calliope gazing down at them, and to imagine her as a big sister.

Some day. I hope.


  1. Glad weaning is going relatively easily.

  2. Glad weaning is going well & Calliope is not pushing you. Weaning was so good for us in that sense too that Elena never asked again so never learned I would have caved...wait now I'm a little hurt Elena never begged for more, lol ;)