Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day One of Dairy Free

And it was hard.

I had three fried eggs (didn't finish them) plus steamed asparagus and plain raspberries for breakfast. And coconut milk in my tea. I looked at the ingredients tonight. Oops. I thought it was unsweetened, but I thought wrong.

Lunch was far too late -- we had gone into Manhattan for the morning -- and I was way too hungry. So I had turkey (deli meat, but organic) and avocado and leftover roasted cauliflower. I was still starving afterwards. So then I had a Think Thin bar. Which has peanuts in it. And probably some type of sweetener. A big no no for the Whole 30. But it didn't have gluten, I think! Or dairy!

Dinner was two egg muffins (with mushroom and onion) plus sweet potato baked fries. And a few pecans. And I'm still hungry.

Here's what I figured out.

My body does not want to burn fat as fuel. This PCOS, or something, enables this. So it's super hard to lose weight by going very low carb. So I think I need to avoid processed carbs, but not limit them too much, or else end up feeling tired all the time, which is happening now.

I don't have a plan of action yet.


  1. Not sure what the Whole 30 is but will say, yes, you need to find some go-to foods to fill you up! For me it was giant bowls of rice and stir fried vegies with tofu. I know you're not doing soy, but, you get the gist. Also just discovered (and watched most of) the documentary "Forks Over Knives" - which is essentially "The China Study" book in compelling documentary form. It's available for streaming from on Still think you should watch this! (not trying to "convert" you but just think it needs to be in the reference file for anyone sincerely intersted in nutrition and health). Good luck figuring this all out Abby!

  2. Well done for surviving your first day without dairy!

    Where did you find out about PCOS and not being able to burn fat, or is that just in your own case now that you got to know your body. I am curious to know more about that as I have PCOS too, apparently, and was always told it was carbs that were the problem.

    I think if you are still hungry you need to eat bigger portions.

    I also found that having a coffee with coconut milk curbed any cravings (I knew it was a craving and not genuine hunger as I was eating lots - still am really, but I think it make have decreased a bit).

  3. Abby-an episode of Food Hospital on the Cooking Channel was on in the background today and I caught that the first person they were working with has PCOS. Not sure if these folks are totally kooky or legit, but what I saw was interesting. Thought I would share in case it's of any help. I would find it really hard to give up dairy because it's my main source of easy go-to food so kudos to you for really working hard to find the right balanc for you!! Here's the link to the show--