Friday, May 10, 2013

Taking the Dairy Free Plunge

Thanks to the helpful suggestions from Blissful Mama and Claire, I'm going to take the plunge... Tomorrow morning, Saturday, I'm going to attempt going dairy free. For one week.

I can't commit to 30 days as the book suggests. Not yet, at least. Too intimidating. Not because I love dairy so much but because going without dairy means finding something else to eat for breakfast. Every. Single. Day. And that sounds like a lot of work.

On top of that, I don't do soy because of health concerns about it (except for edamame at Japanese restaurants... I can't resist them... but ask me how often I eat in restaurants, now that I have a toddler?), so that rules out some options. I was going to make a quiche -- I prepped the onion and mushrooms earlier in the week, before I remembered that I was out of eggs -- but it's not going to be as creamy and delicious as my friend Amy's was without the cheese.

I'm really hoping for some dramatic results.

I also made an effort to eat more carbs tonight, in the form of baked sweet potato fries. And some fresh raspberries with heavy cream. Cream with fruit makes it surprisingly filling. But it works better if it's the last thing I eat.

So here I go. Going to get a few more raspberries with cream, while I can.

Oh, and I may take Blissful Mama's suggestion of photographing my food to see if it motivates me, as she says it does for her. My apologies in advance.


  1. I had some raspberries with heavy cream, too! Great minds think alike.

  2. Yay! Hooray!

    This is great news. I hop you find it easier than you think you are going to. I certainly did, and what to have for breakfast was my main hurdle too - we are just so conditioned into wheat and dairy based breakfast, but actually, get past that and you can eat ANYTHING!

    As for photos of your food, as you know I worried about this at first too, but I got lots of helpful feedback from readers to encourage me to do it. Firstly it is YOUR blog which you write for YOU (and us thankfully), secondly, some people (more than you would think I have found) are actually interested in what you have for breakfast, thirdly your regular readers will be happy to support you whatever, and finally, nothing forces someone to read a particular post!

    I did start a little pinterest board on wheat free breakfasts too - some of them are not 'whole 30' though - but some ideas at least. Maybe the bacon and egg cups could be something to take to work

    Go for it. I can't wait to see what you are eating. x

  3. I also just remembered that the Wheat Belly book suggested an avocado as a perfect breakfast on the run too!

    There's also hard boiled eggs that would be easy to take to work

    Good luck