Thursday, November 21, 2013

I've Got Peas Like a River In My Soul

We were listening to Elizabeth Mitchell, my favorite children's music, and I was singing along to "I Got Peace Like a River" and Calliope, clearly confused, asked for frozen peas.

Then see said, "Hold it. I want-a hold it."

I carefully handed her the open bag, watched her pick a couple out, then turned my back for a moment.

This was the inevitable result.


  1. Whoops! Well, at least she is eating her veggies, right?

    I hadn't heard of Elizabeth Mitchell, but just looked her up while reading your post. I really like her music, I see some downloading in my future!

    1. It's really great! It's the only kids' stuff that I honestly don't mind listening to. You Are My Sunshine is a great one and so is Little Liza Jane. And of course, I've Got "Peas" Like a River. But they are all great!