Monday, December 9, 2013

Night Training?

Calliope's become a bit of a nudist lately. In the crib. When she's supposed to be sleeping.

She kept her diaper dry (and usually, on) for her last three naps, so I asked Susie today to put Calliope down for a nap without a diaper. For the first time... except for those two instances where Crappy Mommy simply forgot to put a diaper on for nap time. Those two times, Calliope woke up wet and miserable.

This time, the nanny reminded her, and as per my request, changed her into baggy pajama bottoms with no underwear (or "pahn-tees" as Calliope now calls them, as Susie calls them (that's "panties" with in Spanish, for the uninitiated). Skipping underwear was key to her success for daytime training for the first month or so, so I was hopeful it would help this time around as well.


She woke up dry.

So that's four days in a row. Only one without a diaper. Well, plus the one where she removed the diaper at some point. I don't know if it was before or after sleeping.

A few nights ago, and again tonight, I went in to find Calliope in her crib at night without her pajama bottoms and diaper. And since she always wakes up with a wet diaper in the morning, I'm confounded.

I could just duct tape the diaper on. But she seems so determined. I want to honor that. But I am doubtful that she is physically capable of staying dry all night.

But I guess if she stays dry for a few more naps, maybe I will throw caution to the wind, or the washing machine, and try putting her to bed without a diaper. Am I supposed to then wake her up to put her on the potty before I go to bed? Or just let her try it out, without assistance from me? I hate to push her before she's ready... but if she has the desire, does that mean she's ready?


  1. I'm so jealous. Carys just doesn't "get" that she is supposed to pee (much less poop) in the potty - she is SO much harder than Fiona. I want to be done with diapers!! A friend's daughter was dry through the night shortly after turning 2 - you never know. For Fiona,I had to wake her when I went to bed if I wanted her to stay dry, until she was about 3.5. I got lazy about it and decided I'd rather let her pee in her pullup at night than wake her up!

  2. Oh, just noticed she is still in a crib. I think if she's without diaper at night you might need to give her a way to get to the potty during the night. Is she ready for toddler bed?

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  4. If she has the desire, I'd say let her try. I wouldn't want to squash that desire. (but then again, I'm no expert, and I don't have to clean it up if she doesn't succeed. )