Sunday, December 8, 2013

Testing Limits

Lots and lots of limit testing over here. And I'm really struggling with it. Because it's little stupid stuff.

Like tonight, she was bouncing all over her crib. Literally, jumping up and down.

So I said, "If you want me to cover you with the blanket, you need to lie down by the time I count to three. One, two, three."

And she kept bouncing until I got to three... and then, one second later, lay down.

And I feel like, geez, it's only one second, what's the big deal?

But on the flip side, I think, well, I told her she had until the count of three... and she understood that perfectly well. She's testing me. And needs to see that I set clear limits. So she needs me to follow through on my threat?

So I said, "nope, too late. We can try again tomorrow night."

And walked out.

And she cried. "Banket! Banket peez!"

And I didn't go back.

And felt like an ogre. As she cried piteously. For possibly as long as a minute.

And then resumed her joyful playtime in the crib.


  1. My mom was famous for her "1...2....2 and a half...2 and three quarters...." And she never, ever got to three. It was super annoying and totally ineffective. So I think you handled it the right way. :)

  2. I agree you handled this perfectly...doesn't make it any easier tho, does it? Elena is testing me a lot these days. I hate having to follow thru but know I have to.

  3. Yep, I think you handled it great. But, oh, these "tests" are enough to drive any mom crazy! I should know--mine are still testing me at ages 4 and 6!

  4. Oh, the testing! But I agree, you handled that so well - the drawing out of the 2 to 3 never works. It's so hard to be consistent, though!

  5. I think you did exactly the right thing. Its so hard to hear them cry, but they're fine. Annelise is just starting with the testing and she did almost the same thing the other night. I was trying to cover her and just kept kicking her legs up into the air pushing the blanket off. She thought it was funny until I finally just tossed the blanket in the bed and said, "you'll have to do it yourself then" and left. (I didn't even count, didn't think about that). She screamed, but got over it quick.