Friday, February 21, 2014

Two and a Half

Two and a half is the best age ever.

Calliope's blossoming language skills have transformed our lives. I never imagined how captivating it would be to hear her little thoughts. Yet she still has such an adorable way of speaking. I wonder if I will be nostalgic when she loses that babyish lisp and tiny squeaky voice.

Perhaps because it's just a great age, or perhaps because I've been consciously focusing on my parenting, our relationship has never been more harmonious since the toddler years began. I've been home with her all week because it's Winter Break at work and I've so enjoyed this time.

Life is perfect.

Which is why I'm going to go and ruin things.

By trying to have another child. Starting later this spring.

I won't say that I am doing this for Calliope. I'm not trying to "give her a sibling." I have no idea if she will be happier with a sibling. I certainly hope so, but my own sibling relationships are complicated, so I can't promise that she will be better off.

I'm doing this for myself. Because when I think about only getting to have this experience once, I feel cheated. I want to be a part of this miracle again. I want to experience, again, the magic of a person unfolding before my eyes.

My big girl still likes to snuggle in my arms for her morning milk.
*I also like this pic because it shows her eyes aren't actually brown, as they look in most
photos. This photo doesn't accurately capture them, either... I guess they are hazel?


  1. Hey, you can have a second kid for any darned reason you want! Excited for you!!!

  2. I totally get how you feel. But I m sure Calliope will love being a big sister. Best of luck to you. Sage is 26 months now I am loving having her more than ever. And a second baby on the way when the first is around three is a perfect age gap!

  3. I'm finding that Rowan is good company now too. It's so fun to be able to have a real conversation with her. Well, a somewhat real conversation! And while one of my reasons to have another baby is to give Rowan a sibling, I also really want to experience the joy of another child too.

  4. You aren't about to ruin it! Because let's face it, things will change even if you don't have a second, and it won't always be as good as it is now. :) I'm so excited for you!

  5. Yay for two babies! You are going to love baby #2 just as much as Calliope, and isn't it phenomenal to think your love is going to expand THAT much. It's pretty remarkable. Oh, and I also LOVE age 2 - still part baby (small and cuddly and without the 3 year old attitude) yet very much their own, competent, little people.

  6. She is a beautiful 2.5-year old!

  7. Congrats on making the big decision about baby #2! I think about it ALL. THE. TIME. I'm pretty sure I'll eventually do it, but not yet. And who knows, maybe it's all a pipe dream. But for now, it makes me feel better to think I'll get to do this again. :) Congrats again... can't wait to follow your journey as you make that leap!

  8. Yes 2 1/2 is a great age. Enjoy! Best wishes for your continuing family journey!

  9. 2 1/2 was a favourite time for me as well. Good luck with baby #2. I really identify with what you mean by feeling cheated.