Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Very Late Part Two to my Six Week Update

Other things I wanted to remember: DIY breakfasts. I've started preparing Calliope's breakfast the night before, and leaving it in the fridge for her to get out. I'm paranoid about choking hazards so she only gets a sippy cup of milk, sliced berries, and bites of cheese to dip in a tiny bowl of honey -- her favorite. She's thrilled with this new step towards independence, and it buys me a little more sleep. Especially coupled with her "okay to wake" clock which lets her know when it's okay to get out of bed. Unfortunately, she often likes to come get in bed with me once she's done eating. And there's generally a lot of squirming going on. So not a lot of sleep for me. But still, it's a little more sleep.

Also, Amelie seems to have a strange early separation anxiety. But in the last week, I've discovered that she will sometimes go to sleep in her bouncy seat or RnP if she can merely see me. So I plunk her down and quietly go about my business, carefully ignoring eye contact and... voila! She goes to sleep!

She's also made a sudden transition to mostly putting herself to sleep! No more hour plus visits to the exhaust fan in the kitchen to bounce and sway! At worst, I hold her for a few minutes and jiggle her. But often I can put her down awake. This means a lot more free time during the day, and sleep at night. And an amazing feeling of freedom.


  1. yay thats awesome - and creative! congrats!

  2. Yay!! Going to sleep on her own!1 And brilliant idea on having Calliope get her own breakfast!!

  3. The breakfast idea is brilliant! At this stage, any little bit of extra sleep counts.