Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Visits to My Favorite Medical Providers

Visiting our beloved midwife, Chris. Amelie doesn't look impressed but I think she's amazing.

Going back to visit my fabulous reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Trivax. 

I asked Dr. Trivax if he'd had any more kids since the last time I saw him. He shrugged and 
said, "I don't think so." Pause. "Well, how many did I have the last time I saw you?"
He grinned sheepishly. "I have five now." 

I told Calliope that Dr. Trivax has five kids, and she was fascinated.
Then she saw this photo and asked, "Are those his five kids?"
I think his staff should be flattered!
(Never mind that Calliope isn't so good with counting, and there's only four people in the photo besides Dr. Trivax.)
The delightful Amelie on a visit to our fabulous pediatrician.
The one who is an hour away. Because I just don't trust the one in our neighborhood. 
She doesn't meet my most basic requirement: all my medical providers must be smarter than me.
Amelie is 21.75" (20%) and 9 lb 7.6 oz (10%). Oh, and her hair is filling in. And her
eyelashes are suddenly full and long.
Her eyebrows don't look as good, thanks to seborrhea, aka cradle cap. 
Cradle cap of the eyebrows -- gross!
Dr. Rita said that although Amelie dropped from 20% to 10% over the last five weeks, her
overall gain was good, a pound and a half, so she's not worried. But she encouraged me to
come back in a month if I have any concerns about her weight.
In this photo, Amelie is blissfully unaware the terrible fate that awaits her: vaccines.
Let's just say we had a rough afternoon. She woke up from her late afternoon nap screaming in
pain. Poor bug. 


  1. I just love Amelie's smile! And that Dr. Trivax sure takes the "reproductive" part in his medical title seriously!

  2. OOH!! She's just scrumptious Abby!! xo