Friday, July 3, 2015

Fourteen Weeks

Our family (still can't get used to saying that!) on the Brooklyn waterfront. Manhattan skyline is in the background.

For the record, I would have no idea how many weeks we were at if not for this blog. But it's a fun little assignment, writing something for each week of Amelie.

But first, Calliope. She finished her second week of camp at Kaleidoscope. She had a great time, and I'm a little sad that she won't get to continue going there, because her classmates are all kids in the neighborhood, as opposed to preK at BNS, which is a subway ride away. (Not second guessing my decision, though.)

Unfortunately, she spiked a fever Sunday night which lasted until Tuesday. Technically I should have kept her home on Wednesday but she seemed so much better and I didn't want her to only have one day of camp this week (since Friday was a holiday) -- I wanted it to end with her feeling confident. So I brought her back, looking a little peaked, but she had two good days. Though both days, she fell apart when she got home. And yesterday, she not only seemed exhausted but also started coughing a little. And had sores in her mouth.

She seemed like she was fighting something this morning but we had planned a special outing with Amy and Eleanor (and babies Leo and Amelie) to Brooklyn Bridge Park which I hated to cancel. And she rallied after being up for a little while. So off we went. She mostly seemed fine, apart from needing Motrin for the painful sores in her mouth. But by the afternoon she was dragging a bit, and her eyes were drooping, though she gamely soldiered on through many, many blocks of scootering and hot sun. I felt pretty guilty by the end, though, when she just couldn't keep going and I put her in Amelie's stroller. I felt even more guilty when we got home and I realized she had a fever. I gave her some Motrin and she went to bed at 5 pm, a first.

So I reckon she's got Coxsackie virus, which causes hand foot and mouth disease, though hopefully she doesn't get the lesions on her hands and feet. She's also sounding croupy and congested. Seriously praying the baby doesn't get it.

We will be enjoying a home day tomorrow. Poor girl is exhausted. Sunday we are supposed to go to Queens to a famous dumpling place with friends, and Wednesday is a Beach Day for the Big Girls while Susie stays with the babies but otherwise... a mellow week before our travels begin.

Amelie keeps on being her delicious kissable self. Smiles at everyone, rarely cries. I just feel guilty because her naps are always being compromised. (I worry that Calliope isn't sleeping enough either, now that her naps are being mostly dropped by camp. Sleep is a thing with me.) More wakings during the night recently. I'm trying to stay firm on not feeding her. Which means I'm waking up hourly to replace the pacifier. So I reckon I'm not getting enough sleep, either.

I started doing a new fitnes regime a few weeks ago, T2.5. I like it. It's only 25 minutes per day, 6 days a week. But I'm very wobbly. Come to find out my abdominal muscles are separated more than they are supposed to be. Which is making for weak butt muscles and an overly tight lower back and stiff hip joint. Awesome. So I started physical therapy last week. She comes to the house, which is amazing, especially since it doesn't cost any more than it would in an office. Anyway, I hope I'm getting stronger. On her advice, I'm now wearing a tight wrap around my belly to hold my organs in, Not ideal in summer weather but oh well. I'll be glad not to have a hole in my stomach.

Calliope and her bestie at the Brooklyn waterfront

Calliope has been waiting for months to check out the crib mobile with her sister. Finally got the chance!  

This Bumbo makes my neck look even more nonexistent!

Chillin' in my new (borrowed) stroller


  1. Sorry C is sick. A is so super adorable and sounds like such a mellow baby! I had very bad diastasis after my c-section. I didn't do PT, was not very good about dong the exercises to improve it, and didn't wear a belt However it is (or at least feels to the touch) much improved 4 years later. PT is a much better plan to improve it quickly!

  2. Sorry to hear Calliope is under the weather again - hope she feels better soon

  3. Elena encountered similar sickness recently & turned out to be Fifths Disease, really wiped her out for 5 days! Glad Calliope was able to soldier on & enjoy some great times!!

  4. I hope that Calliope is feeling better. Y'all are definitely more adventurous than Maggie and I were at 14 weeks.