Tuesday, June 30, 2015


One of the wonderful things about having children is having the opportunity to indoctrinate them

Speaking of love... I was so happy to hear about the Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states. I must admit I had no idea the decision was being made -- since Amelie arrived, I'm more oblivious than ever to news beyond our own apartment -- but I'm overjoyed nonetheless.

I went through a lesbian-identified phase a while back, at the end of college. Then I fell in love with a man. Now I have no idea what I am. Mostly, I'm a mother with zero interest in dating, or even in sex. I'm taking care of enough people as it is. But my rare (and mild) attractions to other people are generally women. Yet I love sex with men. Who knows???

Regardless, I decided to skip a museum outing with SMC friends to make our way to the Pride parade in the West Village (NYC). We couldn't get too close with a stroller but it was wonderful just to be there for an hour to absorb the joyous energy. There were lots of folks in outlandishly sexy get ups but we got smiles and "god bless" comments directed our way, regardless.

When I told Calliope we were going to a Pride parade, she asked what Pride is. She asked me what that meant, and why there would be a parade.

"People are celebrating because remember how sometimes people get married (she assumes that in every couple, someone is the Mommy or Daddy and someone is the child)? Well, there used to be a law that men could only marry women. And now there's a law that men can marry men and women can marry women. Anyone can marry whoever they want! Isn't that cool???"

"So people can marry Mommies?" (Because why wouldn't you want to live with your Mommy forever, right?)

"Well, no."

"But why not?"

"We don't marry our families."

"Why not?"

Obviously I can't say anything about childbearing issues if I'm talking about same sex marriage! So I was stumped.

"Good question. I'll get back to you."


  1. LOL!! Elsie keeps insisting we are getting married too. I must admit I too have fallen into that same pitfall when explaining how it all works. Now I default to "Because mommy-daughter relationships are more special than marriage. Not everyone can be mommy-daughter but everyone can marry."

  2. I love it! Our boys are very perceptive of everyone else, who has moms & dads, who has 2 moms, etc... but when asked about their own family they say they have 1 mommy & 1 mommom, lol... I try to explain that 1 mommy + 1 mommom = 2 moms but they aren't having it, lol... No marriage propsals for the moms though, they are all marrying their little girlfriend Canan, that should be interesting...

  3. It is interesting navigating all of this with a child isn't it. BB asks so many questions. The other day he learned that sometimes mummies and daddies sleep in the same bed. He was surprised at that. Your Dad being married to a man is however entirely normal for him. The first wedding he attended was his Dad's. Exciting that our little people will grow up knowing this new normal. In the not too distant future they will look back aghast and find it unbelievable that there was once a time where you couldn't love who you wanted to