Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Five Months

Hopefully I'll get back to four months and what she was doing then but for now... Amelie just rolled over for the first time yesterday!

Clearly she's very proud of herself.

In other news... she's 25 inches long (48%) and weighs 13 pounds, 4 ounces (18%). It confounds me that her weight percentile isn't higher because she's all dimply delicious rolls.

Her personality is delicious too. She likes to give suck on my nose, and "talks" all the time -- we've moved on to consonants in the last few days, so I'm hearing lots of "ba ba ba" as well as raspberries. She grins and chortles at everyone. Clearly the extrovert in the family.

Sleep has gotten better since we came back home but we are still working to eliminate a night feeding. Last night she went without but before that, it had been a few days since she hadn't nursed once during the night. So I'm trying to just nurse for three minutes or so on those occasions I can't mollify her with the pacifier or a move to the RNP. Because, oh yes, she's sleeping in the crib now! Well, mostly. Until she won't stop squawking during the night. Then she goes back to the RNP.

The toys are courtesy of her big sister -- obviously she can't do much playing while swaddled.
And I guess I have to stop swaddling her now that she's rolling... sigh. She likes to pull
her pacifier out and then cry in frustration if I leave her hands out.

The question now is when to move her to Calliope's room. Calliope is eager to have her company but I'm nervous about the kids waking each other up, especially in the early mornings. And it might be nice to have a few minutes alone with Amelie in the morning to nurse and cuddle before I get Calliope up and out the door with me (leaving Amelie behind with the nanny, sniff.)

I have just a couple more days with my delectable girl and then I go back to work as of next Tuesday. I know the transition wasn't as bad as I feared with baby Calliope, so I assume it won't be this time either but... I left Amelie at Calliope's daycare yesterday for a few hours so I could take Calliope to the pool and I was practically hyperventilating by the end. Only to get to daycare and find her fast asleep. Apparently she didn't cry the whole time. Until she got woken up to come home with me -- then she screamed bloody murder, a very rare event for my easy going girl.

She's still breastfeeding exclusively but I tipped a couple drops of corn chowder into her mouth the other night (just the milky part, no solids) -- she seemed curious but not enthusiastic. And a few days before that she used a strip of bell pepper as a teething toy, which she enjoyed but didn't consume (not surprising, without teeth). I'm not looking forward to adding solid foods to the routine. It's just one more chore!
Curiously gumming yellow pepper
That fuzzy head! Especially fun after having a rather bald baby the first time around.

Big eyed baby


  1. So cute! Remy was 13 lbs 1 oz at his 2 month appointment, so her percentile sounds right to me. :)

  2. She's absolutely adorable!! Great update! Except for the night waking, of course. Hopefully she'll learn to do without that feed soon, maybe just in time for you to go back to work?!