Monday, December 21, 2015

Nine Months

My girl, born on the first day of spring, is now nine months (and a day). She's been on the outside longer than she was on the inside.

Her crawling is improving by the day, though it's still not entirely coordinated. It's a sort of one knee, second knee, two knees together hop type thing. But she is determinedly moving forward. If not quickly.

The latest in her verbal repertoire is a sort of yodeling. As if she's imitating an ambulance siren. Still joyfully, enthusiastically shakes her head "no"to most every question. After a clapping hiatus, is loving her clapping skills again.

Separation anxiety has picked up a little, though usually she still doesn't care if I leave the room.

Her thigh rolls have diminished a bit so I'm hoping that's a sign of growing and not just her increased activity levels. We have a nine month check up next week and I'm anxiously awaiting that, hoping for good news. Truth is, I love her little body just the way it is. I figure if she's small, she's my baby for that much longer. I just want to know that she won't be small forever.

Perfect things come in small packages, Mommy!

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