Friday, March 4, 2016

Firsts, and The Very Best Video

I love, love, love this video.

We had just gotten Amelie's birthday outfit in the mail (thanks to a gift certificate) and Calliope absolutely couldn't wait for Amelie to try it on. And then was just beyond thrilled with the result.

It made my heart sing to see how proud Calliope was of her little sister.

In case you can't catch the dialogue, it's:

Calliope: "only girls, not boys."

Me (very hoarse from a cold), laughing, "okay. Who's the cutest birthday girl? And birthday sister?"

Calliope: "This birthday girl only choosed [sic], only girls. Right? (pause) She said yes."

And some firsts:

First good sleep photo. She is very attached to Monkey Love... a lovey given to Calliope
before she was born, but never used until now -- Calliope didn't want one.
I love it that Amelie has something from her namesake, my mom.

Her first time wearing a barrette. No one could argue that she needs it, but it's fun nonetheless.
Well, this isn't really a first but Calliope is really captivated by both Star Wars stories and the tale of the Wizard of Oz, so
we talk about them a lot. But she's way to scared to see them -- just a clip of Darth Vader breathing sent her running from the room.
I love this rendering of what she thinks Princess Leia looks like!
Also, she is starting to write words without help -- she can now write Leo with zero help, and just needs to be reminded
of the letters to write the names of her friends Ellie and Iris. She loves to write!

And finally... at sixteen days shy of a year, she finally has not one but two brand new teeth!


  1. Abby they are so so adorable! That video is too much. And congrats to Amelie for the teeth- they were a long time coming!

  2. So cute! Lots of fun firsts! It's funny - when you wrote the dialogue from the video, I didn't understand it but then when I saw the video, it made sense. :)