Sunday, March 20, 2016

She's One!

Attire inspired by Calliope
And just like that, she's one!

My gorgeous, happy, chortling girl is one. I'll never have another infant. But oh, how sweet this one has been. Still is.

I mentioned this in another post, but I think as a result of being a second child, she's actually slightly more advanced than Calliope was at one. Just yesterday she started saying "uh oh" and there's a lot of "Mamama" but I'm not positive that she really means me. Plus she's been saying "Hi" since nine months, I think, though it just recently morphed from a more amorphous "Haaaaaa" (accompanied by waving, so there was no doubt what she meant) to a more crisp "Hi!" (still accompanied by waving... technically waving to herself.)

And she gives kisses -- to the air -- and does the "wheels on the bus" motion, and has just started signing "more" and "all done."

She was seventeen pounds, six ounces at the doctor on Friday, just two ounces less than Calliope was at the same age. But doesn't look too skinny, so maybe she's shorter. I'll find out at her well baby visit next week.

Because, oh yes, we've made two visits to the doctor this past week. Amelie has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, and Calliope presumably has the same virus, one day later and without the rash.

It ain't pretty. Both girls spiked fevers north of 104 degrees and Amelie's rash is pretty ugly. Luckily it's improving quickly.

We were supposed to go to the aquarium in Mystic, CT to see my siblings and their families for a birthday celebration but had to table that. Luckily our loyal Brooklyn "family" came through and our two closest family friends came by for a simple celebration of Amelie. I didn't want a crowd, since that would just be stressful for Amelie. Two one year olds, two four year olds, and a seven year old was just right. She had a great time and relished her first sweet treat.

And now she's crying. Despite a dose of Tylenol and drinking some water. At 10 pm. Off I go.


  1. WOW, that was a fast year!
    She's absolutely adorable. My sister's second child is more advanced than her first too, she also does a lot of things the first one never did, climbing over gates & back talking, lol...

  2. Happy First Birthday, Amelie!!!