Sunday, September 11, 2016

Seventeen Months

Tsunamelie is seventeen months old! She's got strong opinions and isn't afraid to share them... though she's generally very cheerful and happy. Certainly very social.

She just started putting two words together. This morning's example, at 5:45 AM, was "Mommy stop" because I was trying to stay in bed just a few minutes longer. "Stop" is actually her favorite word, though it's pronounced in a whiny teenagery way with toddler pronunciation so it becomes "Dhaaaaaaap!"

She also chats all day long, completely earnest, long winded soliloquies... but i can't understand a word of them.

She's completely fearless in the water and really wants to put her face in... but can't figure out how to do that without drinking in the pool. I think she might be on the cusp of understanding blowing bubbles -- Calliope and I have been endeavoring to make loud raspberry noises and then putting our faces in the water, and yesterday she finally duplicated the raspberry noise, at least.

She suddenly loves This Little Light of Mine, and does her best to wordlessly sing along. I couldn't figure out to edit it with the sound on so please, start at six seconds in -- I was cracking up and couldn't carry a tune for the first six seconds.

She's still petite, I think, and now that the weather has cooled off, I've taken her to wearing her more, for fear that time is running out of opportunities to snuggle my last baby.

She feeds herself well but still can't figure out that it works better if you don't turn the spoon upside down before putting it into your mouth. So yogurt is a messy morning event in our house.

She still adores her sister and it's amazing to me how well they get along.

And she loves books, and frequently sits on the floor by her shelves and pulls out a few to flip through.

I'm learning to channel her destructive energy by asking her for "help." So instead of her climbing into the dishwasher, she "helps" me close the dishwasher door. She also likes it when I ask her to come put on her shoes. She's eager to do so, and quickly sits down... at a spot that looks good to her. Generally 5-10 feet away from where I'm actually sitting with her shoes.

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