Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nine Month Photos

Swimming lessons!

Having fun at clay class

Pawing my friend Akadi

Nine months (yeah Brooklyn!)

Kisses are so funny!

Feeling the farmer vibe. Mommy gave these overalls to my aunt
when she was pregnant with my now 13 year old cousin!
(I can't pull up to stand on my own yet, but I can hold on very well and enthusiastically!)

After only four hours of preparation, I'm ready for our first springtime
 run together!

Do these sunglasses make my teeth look big?

Surveying the playground scene and watching some big kids dig under a tree
while standing is pretty much the height of fun

Channeling Laura Ashley in my hand me down Ralph Lauren dress (the
nanny dressed me... mommy doesn't like yellow. Or Peter Pan collars.)

Nanny dressed me again! 


  1. She's so darn cute! I don't like Peter Pan collars either, but she still looks good in it. And those glasses - I love them!

    How is she liking swim lesson?

  2. She's getting so big. I love the glasses!

  3. She's so big! Love all the photos. I hate collars on my babies - I mean,they've got no necks, what's the point of a collar?!

  4. Oh how I love a kid in overalls!!!!! She's adorable!

  5. OMG she's so big and SO darn cute! I hope that maybe I can see her again in person sometime, maybe if you're up north at any point this summer? Love the pics!