Sunday, May 27, 2012

Perfect Holiday Weekend

We had a perfect day at the beach today.

Calliope slept past 7, struggled a bit to fall asleep for her morning nap, but was up by 11. We met our friend Katie and her son Eli, 11 months, and headed to the farmer's market and toy store for provisions (quiche, nubby ball). Then we hopped on the subway and a mere 15 minutes later, we were at the beach!

I love New York City for this! Where else can you take the subway to the beach???

Coney Island is a true Americana Experience. I love how democratic it is. All you need is the cost of a Metrocard fare to get there. It has every ethnicity and nationality. There was a man in his tighty-whities, doing some limbering up at water's edge, that I probably could've lived without... but oh well, all that "local color" just adds to the experience!

We stopped at Nathan's, maker of America's first hot dog, to get snacks, then headed to the sand.

Pushing the strollers over the sand was a good workout -- I'm definitely glad I brought the jogging stroller.

Sand got in absolutely everything. The beach is definitely a different experience with babies because that! Calliope dropped everything -- strawberry, sippy cup, spoon -- onto the blanket which of course was sandy. Oh well. She didn't seem to mind drinking out of a slightly sandy cup.

Classic babies-and-beach photo: Calliope, wearing a sandy, strawberry
stained onesie, is chewing on Eli's shoe. Eli, face covered in squash
puree, has his eyes closed. At least Katie looks great!

I wasn't sure what she would think of the water, because it was pretty cold, but she loved it! Even when we waded in pretty far (I didn't think to bring a bathing suit but figured my skirt would dry eventually) and I dipped most of her body in. She was hooting and kicking... until a wave come along and slapped some water in her face. Ooops.

Then we played again in the shade of the umbrella (I feel extremely organized to have bought a beach umbrella last summer).

Coming home, we were all pleasantly tired, and the babies slept on the subway. Perfect day!

Subway nap. All I could see was this one inert little foot.

And yesterday, Calliope and I got out much earlier for another successful run! This time we were at the park by 8:30. We nabbed a swing and she enjoyed that while I enjoyed her laughter and the sight of her sweet, bare, chubby legs.

Then "we" "ran" back home. I quickly stashed her in the crib before she caught sight of the nanny and our friend, four year old Annabelle. My friend Emily and I left the girls with the nanny and went for another trip to the banya (bathhouse), followed by a quick lunch at a Thai restaurant.

And dinner was at a friend's house... and he even gave me a ride home afterwards!

So it's been a perfect weekend... and I still have Monday (Memorial Day) left to enjoy!


  1. I definitely miss taking the subway to the beach! I used to take the A train to Frank Ave near Far Rockaway every weekend. Now I've been in LA twenty years and have been to the beach maybe five times. Weird!

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Glad you had such a great time!!