Friday, July 6, 2012

After Four Days of Antibiotics

With our nanny-share baby. She looks pretty good, right? (Even if she
refused to eat anything at lunch, despite the fact that she's reaching
for my food.)

This is an excerpt from an email to a friend.

luckily she is better, but still not quite right. today was day 4 of antibiotics. she took a 90 minute nap, starting at 7:45 am. then we went to the beach. she had fun at the beach and LOVED being dipped in the water, but she kept lying down with her face in the sand (under the umbrella). 

she slept a bit on the way there and on the way back, maybe 20 minutes each, plus 40 minutes in the carrier as we were packing up (i had to wake her each time). when we got home at about 3:30, she became hysterical as i brought her in the bathroom to clean us both off. it was horrible. i haven't seen her like that since she was an overtired newborn. after I bathed her, I put her on the bathmat to sit but she stood up and draped her chest and head across the ledge of the tub and alternatively wailed and sucked her thumb pitifully. finally we were both clean [enough] and i took her to the bedroom to nurse. she seemed cheerful after that but i decided to try putting her down anyway. this was a little after 4.

i put her in the crib and she collapsed gratefully (she loves her crib!). and it appears she is sleeping through the night. on the advice of my mom, i went in after two hours, at 6 pm, and gave her the amoxicillin and nursed again. it's amazing that babies can swallow things without waking up! she took the meds well and nursed (only one side) without waking up and i put her back in the crib.

so i guess she's sleeping straight through the night!? (i'm going to be very unhappy if she's ready to party at 11 pm... hopefully not.)

my mom wants me to bring her back to the pediatrician if she's not better by monday.

the thing is, she IS better, just still not herself. she's eating solids at SOME meals, but not all. i don't think she's gained any weight back yet, and probably still losing, though slowly. her clothes are pretty baggy on her. she's sleeping 3-4 hours a day plus 10-12 hours at night. her congestion is vastly improved but she still has a deep productive cough, but it's not frequent. she's playful but sometimes is ready for a nap after only 45 minutes awake.


Ten month photos... which I only just remembered to take, at nearly ten
months and three weeks. Oops. I like this one because you can really see
the ?gray color of her eyes (I still don't know what to call the color). Still,
look at the bags under her eyes. 


  1. Poor little girl. She does look like she's not feeling herself yet. I'm glad she is doing better - and I really hope that she sleeps through the night and wakes up feeling wonderful!

  2. Aw poor kiddo. Hope she's feeling better soon & more herself.

  3. Oh those eyes. Hope she feels better soon.