Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today Was a Better Day

Joyfully clapping for Sweet Honey in the Rock

watching the show with my girl (dressed appropriately for
Celebrate Brooklyn in her Brooklyn onesie)

We went out for a run shortly after 7 am. We jogged slowly (well, one of us jogged, the other rode) but without pain to the playground, which was entirely deserted, save a cleaning staff, and Calliope enjoyed climbing the play structure steps without fear of being trampled by a preschooler. Then she went back into the Bob (stroller) and we ran (jogged) through the parade grounds and over to Ditmas Park, the funky little neighborhood adjacent to mine. There we stopped at Qathra, the cool cafe there, for a mother:daughter breakfast. She wanted to try my breakfast sandwich, but didn't do more than touch her lips to it before pulling away. She guzzled a fair amount of my Peach Rooibos herbal iced tea, though! Girlfriend always wants to drink what Mommy is drinking, and from the same receptacle, too. Sippy cups are just so boring in comparison. She also had a few bites of yogurt, and licked the edge of a croissant.

After that, we headed to the farmer's market across the street to stock up on berries and cherry tomatoes -- god, I love summer produce -- and then stopped at the health food store briefly. Then we headed back home where Calliope went down for a nap and I showered, pumped, and ate breakfast.

It makes such a difference to my sanity to get out, especially when it's early. And with clouds that didn't burn off until mid-morning, it wasn't too hot, either.

If only I could run every day. That jolt of endorphins is like nothing else for my mental health and energy levels.

Unfortunately, I know I have to take it slow and gradual if I don't want the plantar fasciitis to flare up again.

Still, I'm everlastingly grateful for this morning. I will try to do another form of exercise tomorrow -- even a pale imitation of running is better than nothing.

After her nap, I gradually organized and cleaned the kitchen, taking frequent breaks to tend to Calliope and also to just stop and enjoy her.

After her second nap, we headed to Prospect Park for one of their free summer concerts, the Celebrate Brooklyn series. Usually they are in the evening, so we can never go, because they interfere with bedtime, but this one was early. So Calliope and I hung out with another mom and baby (from our moms' group) as we half listened to a legendary African American a capella group, Sweet Honey in the Rock. It was great to be out and experiencing life.

Of course, I still haven't caught up on the massive pile of stuff and responsibilities in the living room. I will be so grateful to move to an apartment with a dishwasher -- tackling the dishes each day takes way too much of my time! Maybe tomorrow. I have a temporary cleaning woman coming, since my regular person is on vacation. I may have an extra baby hanging out with us for a few hours so her mother can recover from a red eye, which will likely hinder things, but hoping for the best.


  1. Glad you had a better day...

  2. Glad your both feeling better. What a fun day, I love Sweet Honey in the Rock!

  3. Glad all is looking up for you and sweet C! Hope you have a great week!!!