Friday, November 9, 2012

I Know the Secret to Success... In Just About Everything

Seriously, I've got some crazy valuable insight.

Do you want to be happier/lose weight/be more successful at work/be a better person/be smarter/be less depressed?

Okay, you ready?

The secret to success in just about everything is... getting enough sleep. Like, every single night.

So why is it so damn hard?

I am really terrible at this.

Only the last couple nights, I suddenly can't remember what it was I did all evening in front of my computer. I watched one of my three weekly shows tonight on my computer, checked "all y'all's" blogs, and am not quite sure what to do with myself next... and it's only 8:01 pm. Weird.

So I'm feeling a little boring tonight, but I reckon I will go curl up and read and who knows, maybe I will even wake up early enough to work out before Calliope wakes up? Wouldn't that be a treat on a Saturday morning?

In other news, and this is gross and you should probably stop reading if you are not in the world of potty training or diapering... Calliope pooped on the kitchen floor last night and on the bathroom floor this morning. And last night, the way I found out was I looked down at myself and asked my friend Amy, "why is there peanut butter on my hand???? Oh.... EWWWWWWW!!!!"

(Calliope had sat on the potty in the kitchen after dinner, then crawled away bare bottomed. I never even noticed this, uh, surprise, though I remembered hearing a faint sound that seemed suspicious, but she was playing quietly and all seemed normal. So much for that.)

Then she pulled the same stunt on the bathroom floor this morning while I was getting the shower ready for both of us.


On the plus side, let's just say it's very easy to clean up, and frankly, it's easier to get off the floor than off her skin.

I figure that she's just very focused on polishing her walking skills, and that it will come back soon. I hope.

I have a goal of trying a potty training boot camp over Christmas break.

The nanny thinks she's now walking more than crawling. It only took four weeks. Her walk looks a little purposeful and a little less comical now. She can even maintain her balance while walking over soft toys and the occasional book.

It's all very exciting. She was looking skinny to me earlier in the week... and now today she looks chubbier and sturdier again. It could be that she was looking skinny then because she was wearing 12 months clothing, which is still a little big on her (she's nearly 15 months) and bigger today because she was wearing a 6-12 month jumper today... but I think her face looks more filled out, also. Also, I think she has more hair. Well, on top. The hair at the back of her neck is growing at a fierce rate. She's got a wicked mullet.


  1. I want pictures of that mullet! Lol :)

  2. Seriously. I've got two reminders on my phone to go to bed - one at 10:30 and one at 10:40, and here it is 11pm and I'm still online. And I'm so very sleepy. Craziness.

    I want to see a picture of that mullet, too!

  3. This made me laugh! We were on vacation with a big group of friends in Hawaii a few years ago, and I walked around the corner to find the little 2 year old boy I loved with all my heart pooping right on the patio. I was dying. We still to this day have no idea what made him think that was the place to go, as he had been using the potty for a few months by then. It was hilarious and disgusting all at once!

  4. So true! The thing I find though is when you first start sleeping properly you get more sleepy! Like your body is saying, "that was great - give me more". I have had a couple of early nights and 2 naps in the last 2 days, and here I am tired at 6.30pm... determined to rejuvenate my body though, so another early one tonight I hope!