Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Mullet. By Calliope.

It's very hard to capture the awesomeness of Calliope's mullet in just one photo.

I can either get the work-in-front or the party-in-the-back aspect in a photo, but not both.

Try to use your imagination:

Who can say if her veritable comb-over is blond or brown?
(Please vote!)

Whoa! It's a veritable waterfall of hair back here! 


  1. Impressive baby mullet! She's definitely a blondie (for now)!

  2. I've always felt that "shlong" described a mullet really well, short in the front, long in the back...but alas, it already had its own use. I vote blonde too!

  3. I don't know, it's looking kinda brown to me...either way, she's totally rocking the do!!

  4. Leave the kid alone!! :) At least she HAS hair.

    Hard to say on the color. I'm going to go with light brown.

  5. I'd say it's either dark blonde or light brown. Hmmm, what's the distinction between the two?! Either way, cute 'do! Such a cutie!

  6. I love it! Only Calliope could pull off the mullet with such cuteness!