Saturday, April 20, 2013

Insanity Day Two (and One)

Yesterday, Friday, was day one. That involved the "fit test" -- a gradual warm up, then eight one minute intervals, each of a different exercise. You are supposed to go as hard as you can for one full minute, then write down the number of, say, Power Jacks completed in the sixty seconds. Since there was plenty of rest in between, I found the workout pretty manageable. The one minute intervals were certainly not a walk in the park, though! I felt great afterwards.

Today, Saturday, was my first "regular" workout. Today was "plyometric cardio circuit."

The warm up seemed a bit easier than I remembered from the two times I tried it with my cousin. I was admittedly feeling a little smug. Thinking maybe I was in better shape than I realized.

Then there was stretching, then we got into the main workout. Oh. My. God.

So hard.

I didn't want to take any breaks but I had no choice. My body would just give out.

While I was doing it, I thought, "no way can I keep doing this!"

But I did.

And then, afterwards? Felt amazing.

There's nothing like that feeling. Like after a long training run, back when I used to run marathons.

I went to get Calliope from her crib right afterwards, and couldn't figure out why she was looking at me curiously. I handed her a snack and then brought her into the bathroom so we could shower (she stood on the bathmat and ate a few bites first... I discourage food in the shower, mean mother that I am). After I got out of the shower, I looked in the mirror and realized that my face was completely beet red, despite having stopped the workout more than twenty minutes earlier. Hence the curious looks.

Yesterday I tried out the five-meal-a-day plan, without worrying about calories -- too much to start on a Friday. But I did try their smoothie recipe for my post-workout snack, and didn't feel full for long at all. Afterwards, I realized that unsweetened coconut milk (60 cal) and frozen strawberries and protein powder don't include any fat, and not that many calories, either! No wonder I was hungry. Today, I made the smoothie with my raw whole fat yogurt which has tons of protein (9 g), unlike coconut milk, which has only 1 gram, as well as fat. And used half as much protein powder. Total calories: 300. Perfect! And much more filling (and tastier too -- the coconut milk was kind of watery). Calliope declined to taste it -- yesterday's smoothie apparently put her off smoothies for a while.

As far as calories... I think I was probably a little under my daily allowance. I want to make sure that I'm not starving myself, because that's a good way to go off the rails. I started out really organized about all this but got distracted later in the day. Better luck with that tomorrow.

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