Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Insanity Days 3-5

I'm doing well with the workouts. Monday's was "cardio recovery." I wasn't expecting much of a break, based on the reviews, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was much, much easier. Challenging in a different way, with holding certain positions, or doing lots of squats, but no jumping. More like a challenging yoga workout. A nice change of pace.

However, it left me stiff and sore for today's workout. Or maybe that's the just the cumulative effect of four days of workouts, plus the previous day of fitness testing. Only one more day to go and then I get a day off.

I was definitely moving more slowly today. I just couldn't move any faster. But I think my body will get used to this new routine and this will improve. And on the plus side, the length of the workout today (pure cardio) didn't feel all that long. To be sure, though, I was taking lots of little breaks during the workouts -- I would just collapse and have to rest. 

I also slept somewhat fitfully -- awake a lot between 4:30 and 5:30 am. This often happens to me when I suddenly increase my workouts. Hopefully it won't last long. 

Yesterday I went way over my calorie goal -- 2170 -- but I had been a little under my (conservative) estimated caloric needs the previous days, plus I was just starving all day. I think I should have tried to eat lunch earlier -- I was so hungry, but had three residents plus my collaborating physician working with me for the day -- and I just couldn't figure out how to politely eat in front of them while trying to see patients. I got home from work (early) and felt weak and headache-y from hunger. I finally had a snack with the girls at about 4 -- 2 oz of leftover meatloaf (meant for the girls, but of course they refused it) and finally felt better, for the first time all day. 

My period started today -- only a month since my last one, amazing! (PCOS makes my periods very irregular, though it seems improved since I had Calliope.) So that might be why I felt like I was starving yesterday.

I don't feel quite as hungry today, though I was very frustrated to open up my lunch containers and realize that I had accidentally substituted Calliope's apple slices for the turkey burger I meant to bring with me. I can't eat apple -- it makes me feel SO sleepy afterwards. Even if I have peanut butter with it. Another fun effect of what I assume is PCOS. Too bad, because they are wonderful.

A work friend brought me some leftovers so I ate those, instead, but it was probably only 1-2 oz of steak (plus some veg and rice). I added a "natural" protein bar but I'm not sure it will be enough food to keep me going until I get home. 

I have very mixed feelings about weighing myself at all, but I reckon I will do so once a week, so I can reassess my caloric requirements. So Friday will be my weigh in day.  I also too the required "before" pictures last week. I will see if I feel a need to do any "after" pictures -- I'm not convinced yet! But hoping for the best. 

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  1. Totally impressed with your commitment and energy level. Go Abby!