Sunday, July 21, 2013

Home Again, and Dental Hygiene Habits

We got home yesterday and I'm slightly euphoric at the wonderfulness of my life. I had forgotten how much I love our beautiful airy (by summer camp standards) apartment. And our life here. And having friends. And my mattress. Oh lord, my mattress. My first night of waking up without aching body parts... delicious.

I think Calliope is happy about her bed too, judging by the thirteen hours of sleep she had last night.

It was fun to watch her re-discovering her toys, too.

I like how Obernon (and others) blog a single little tidbit from their lives, so I'm going to try that.

Here's two.

One: Calliope has watched me brushing my own teeth, and now wants to spit after she brushes as well. Only children don't (typically) learn to spit until they are much older. So this is her version of spitting.

We carefully brush her teeth (does anyone else struggle with getting the front of the top teeth? Calliope can't seem to help covering her teeth with her lip, and she's otherwise cooperative) and now, her tongue (just like Mommy), and then we go to the bathroom to rinse her toothbrush. She noisily sucks the water from the toothbrush then leans over the sink and carefully says,


Rinse and repeat.

Two: Calliope hurt her finger, and was crying (barely) about it. I offered to kiss it to make it better, but I didn't know which finger, exactly to kiss.

So I knelt down and asked where the boo boo was. She held out her hand, and I took a wild guess, kissed a finger, and said

"There you go."

She considered this, looked rather pleased, then held out another finger, and another finger. Each time, asking,

"There you go?"


  1. Enjoy being home! (My boys learned to spit out their toothpaste fairly early (but not as early as Calliope). Now if they would just learn to hit the sink, I'd be happy!

    1. relish being dwelling! (My young men wise to spit out their toothpaste fairly early (but not as early as Calliope). Now if they would just discover to strike the go under, I'd be happy!

  2. Welcome home! I too have been meaning to post the tidbits!

    For teeth brushing, I have always brushed mine along with Elena & then I get a turn to brush hers (I'm dreading when she'll want her turn to brush mine, lol!) Anyway, true to toddler mimicing fashion, she has become quite adept at brushing her own teeth & has been "spitting" for a while...though it's more of a spray!! As for the front top teeth? I have her mimic me saying "teeeeth" or "cheeeeeese" then swoop in & brush them...

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