Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Photos

First day of playschool. High school class of 2029.

First day with new nanny #2

Playing with my super fun new babysitter Catherine 
while Mommy runs around our nation's shuttered capitol with 600 friends in red dresses. 

Our new tradition of Shabbat dinner with Eleanor. We are crazy about it -- lighting candles, drinking grape juice from silver cups... and we love to "holla for Challah!" I ask hopefully for challah (the sweet braided bread) every single day!

Stylish hand me down CK jeans! (No clue who buys fancy jeans
for their toddler but it surely isn't Mommy!)

If I cling very tightly, surely Mommy won't forget that I'M her baby. Not this eight month
old giantess who is nearly as big as I am. 

Riding one of the beautiful antique carousels at the French festival on Governor's Island. 
Look at my long(ish) hair!
Hanging with my best girl, Eleanor, and stopping for some refreshment on our weekly trip to the Sunday Farmer's Market. We totally killed those apples.

This is a super fun game wherein I close the door, bellow "Hello? Hello?" through the door, and then Mommy opens the door again.
But then Mommy took a few seconds too long to open the door
because she was fussing with her phone so I put the time to good


  1. I love your photo posts - she really looks like a little girl and not a baby now!

  2. What fun pictures! They really capture the magic of early childhood--enjoy every moment!