Thursday, October 31, 2013

Two Doctor Visits in One Week

Saturday morning Calliope woke up with a fever. Not long after, I noticed she sounded wheezy and was retracting, using lots of accessory muscles in her neck and chest to breathe. I listened to her with one of my back up stethoscopes though, and she sounded clear. But listening to her tinny-sounding cough, she just didn't seem right.

I woke up Old Flame, who was visiting once again, and asked him what he thought. He suggested rubbing Vicks on her chest, which made me throw up my hands in frustration. As much as it may feel effective to some folks, there's no scientific evidence supporting its use. And anyway, why was I asking someone else to decide this for me???

Finally I said we would go to go to the doctor, and Old Flame kindly agreed to drive us.

The doctor -- not our regular one, but one who used to be my boss's boss, so I certainly know him -- had no difficulty hearing Calliope's wheezing. Which made me feel both relieved and idiotic. He ordered Calliope's first nebulizer treatment.

What a nightmare. She hated it. She kicked, screamed, flailed, and hit me as I tried to hold the mask on her face to let the vaporized medicine do its work. Tears were pouring down her face and I struggled to maintain my grip on her and weirdly, kept giggling.

Finally, a third of the way through the treatment, I couldn't safely hold her on the exam table anymore. I turned it off and the doctor declared her well enough to send her on her way... I promised to use an inhaler and spacer for her in lieu of the loathsome nebulizer.)

She was tired after that misery, but I had promised we would ride the carousel as a reward, so my long-suffering girl got not one but two rides on Jane's Carousel under the Brooklyn Bridge.

She seemed to think it was worth it.

She was better on Sunday, though still had a low grade fever. She continued to improve during the week, so Wednesday after work, I gave her the flu shot. I was afraid of forgetting, and the doctor had said the cough could last for up to two weeks, and I didn't want to wait that long.

So she woke up this morning, Thursday, with a fever of 102. And now I didn't have any way of knowing if the fever was a reaction to the flu vaccine (*** not the same as getting the flu from the vaccine) or if her cold was getting worse again. After all, her nose was awfully runny, she kept shoving her whole hand in her mouth (no, no sign of teething), and she still has an occasional deep chesty cough.

Back to the doctor we went. Where we were given the all clear -- it's just a vaccine reaction. But that didn't stop her from being pretty miserable. Especially since I forgot to bring Motrin along.

She seemed better after Motrin and a very long nap, so we went out trick or eating with her friend Eleanor and her mother, Amy. But she was very subdued and shy about saying "Trick or treat!" and eventually refused to participate. We went back to Amy's and she enjoyed playing... but when we got home I realized that she still had a fever. No wonder she didn't want to trick or treat.

We have a back up babysitter tomorrow and I'm going to feel awfully guilty about leaving her if she still has a fever. Even though I know she's fine. It's hard when my girl needs me and I feel like I ought to be somewhere else.


  1. Aww, poor Calliope. I hope she feels better soon! I took Jordyn to the doctor on Tuesday, because I already knew she had croup (I could hear it in her breathing and coughing while she slept Monday night - and I know the telltale croup cough well from working in a pedi ED). There was talk of a racemic epi neb, but they decided she wasn't bad enough, and just gave her oral decadron. She had a fever Tuesday morning, but none since. She's still pretty congested, but is no longer coughing like a barking seal. I think it's from visiting so many daycares last week! And so it begins... Hope these girls both feel a whole lot better soon!

    And for what it's worth, I also had a reaction to the flu shot this year, complete with fever, exhaustion, and body aches. They would have given Jordyn's first one to her on Tuesday, but I figured she felt bad enough. I'm going to try to go back tomorrow, because I want to get started on this two-shot thing for full immunity.

  2. Ugh, that all sounds like no fun. Fiona was so good about nebulizer and inhaler/spacer - she was so mellow, but I bet Carys would give me hell like Calliope. I hope it's not a frequent need. OK, so what is Calliope?! A cat? A black sheep? Can't really see the hood well enough to tell. Whatever she is, she is a cute one.

  3. You took your sick daughter on the carousel so everyone else who rides it will also get sick? My brother just did that with my sick 2 1/2 year old nephew. I came over to his house to babysit yesterday and no one was home. Five minutes later my brother, his wife and their son pulled into the driveway. My brother said that my nephew was throwing up, had a fever and was not feeling well so they took him to the mall to ride the carousel. WTH?! No wonder flu and cold viruses spread so quickly. I ended up telling them that I couldn't babysit that night because I didn't want to catch whatever it was my nephew had. Yikes!

  4. I hope your daughter is feeling much, much better today! Loved her costume and her expression while Trick or Treating!
    BTW (it's none of my business but) you can disable anonymous comments. I did after a critical one last year popped up on my blog last year.