Sunday, December 7, 2014

Twenty Four Weeks

I caught sight of myself partly dressed in the mirror last night and was completely taken by 
surprise. I can't believe I have a lot of growing still to do. 
Twenty four weeks has arrived! Hooray! Tree Leaf is technically viable, though I feel like at this stage, it's still a coin toss.
"My belly's not bigger yet but it will be soon!"
I think she's starting to question her own declaration that we BOTH have babies in our bellies.

I got sick last weekend with a stomach bug and my digestion has been off ever since -- I've been living on buttered (whole wheat, at least) bagels and watered down Vitamin Water all week and have been pretty uncomfortable all week. I'm thrilled to have been able to finally eat normally last night without pain, and today the frightening bloat in my stomach is finally gone and I am finally smaller... if not small.

Now if only two of Calliope's classmate hadn't been vomiting in the last forty-eight hours, I'd be really relieved. As it is, I'm bracing myself.

I don't look as shockingly big with my shirt down. Yet. 
But that gigantic belly button is poking through my shirt. Dead giveaway. 

From the front, it's not that noticeable... until I turn. 


  1. You're looking good & I love the photo of Calliope!! Hope you continue feeling better & avoid a new round of stomach bugs

  2. You look great! And Calliope - when did she get so grown looking???
    Hope you stay healthy and free of more stomach bugs.

  3. Hope Calliope continues to stay well and you are feeling much better!