Friday, December 12, 2014

Twenty Five Weeks

This week seems to have lasted forever. After a day and a half of feeling good, another stomach bug kicked in. Totally different symptoms, so hey, that's fun and different, right? But I'm starting to worry about being sick for the rest of my pregnancy. And the prospect of fifteen (or even seventeen!) weeks of feeling like crap is worrying. On the days the symptoms are bad, I can't work. I just sit in the dark in my office, motionless, with a trash can next to me. I don't know how people work with morning sickness. I try to but I worry that if I open my mouth to speak, I'll vomit on my desk. This feels pretty paralyzing. The desperate runs to the bathroom are also not ideal for seeing patients.

I actually lost a pound (up nine pounds total so far) from all these different illness.

And despite being able to see movement on the outside of my stomach, I still find it really hard to believe that there's an actual baby in there.

Calliope is seriously into babies these days. When there's a baby in the room, she can't hear anything being said to her because she's in a total Baby Trance. Caring for Baby Jenna takes up a big part of the day. I'm wondering if we are going to have fights over who gets to hold Baby Sister. Or perhaps she'll be totally bored by the whole thing. Luckily Eleanor's parents generously agreed to have a baby two months before me, so Calliope will have lots of time to get used to the idea of a little baby being around all the time.

Front view

Side view

Side view displaying my prominent "outie" belly button -- eww!

Tenderly nursing Baby Jenna in one of her favorite, if non-traditional, seats


  1. So sorry for the nausea! You know I understand that's the worst feeling ever. I had four stomach bugs this last pregnancy and it was miserable. Hang in there!

  2. Sorry you are feeling so sick! I hope it passes for you and that you get to enjoy a few weeks of your pregnancy at least. Calliope is sounding very ready to embrace a new baby though so that's great!

  3. I'm so sorry you're feeling so yucky. I hope it's just a passing virus. C is just adorbs!!!

  4. No fun feeling so yucky! Hopefully it'll pass soon.

    I love how Calliope is getting into the idea of a baby!