Friday, January 23, 2015

Thirty One Weeks

I've lost two pounds, so up a total of nine. The belly seems to be growing steadily, though.

Tree Leaf is definitely getting more active. A couple nights ago at bedtime she danced for ages... on my cervix. It was the most vigorous movement I've felt. I love feeling her, and will miss it, but it's certainly a strange sensation.

I went to my family doctor yesterday and got an EKG -- normal. He's switching me to a new reflux medicine, but wants me to take it for a week before I stop the current one. Hoping for better relief!

And he's having me stop the iron supplements, even the herbal one, and the Metformin (which I take for PCOS). And wants me to cut out dairy for a week. All to see if I get some relief. I'm very nervous about not treating my (borderline, by pregnancy standards) anemia, since I lost so much blood last time. But I can see that I need some relief from my GI symptoms NOW, so I will see if it helps.

In other news, Calliope's new latex mattress arrived yesterday! She's been sleeping in her new Big Girl Bed (I don't actually call it that, lest I cause a rebellion against growing up, what with the new baby coming) since last weekend, but with the crib mattress on top. So last night we got the new bed all set, with new fuzzy flannel sheets -- just like Mommy's! -- and her new soft mattress -- just like Mommy's! -- and her new purple quilt that she picked herself. Plus the ugly bed railing that we will use for at least a few days, until she's feeling more sure of herself in this tall bed.

She was very excited. Though it took ages for her to fall asleep.

And without my ever having said anything (except accidentally calling it a crib mattress in front of her), she said excitedly, "Now I can give my old mattress to my baby sister!"

Be still my beating heart.

I know that this really means nothing about how she will react to an actual sister, but still, I can't help but me optimistic.


  1. Hopefully the change in meds will help you feel better!

  2. Hoping you get some relief with your new meds. You look great!!

    Glad Calliope loves her new bed!

  3. I think her comment is a very good sign! And what a beautiful quilt!