Monday, March 30, 2015

Photos from Amelie's Early Days

Nine days old. Intently checking out the black and white art cards on the wall. 

Look Ma, only one hand!

Looking alert and much more cutely human at 10 days into the journey of life.
None of the 0-3 month clothes fit yet so I put out a request to my local neighborhood moms'
listserve and several moms delivered, free of charge, adorable newborn outfits like this one.
I'm so blessed to live in such an amazing community.

"Things I Never Would Have Permitted With My Firstborn"

My due date! One week postpartum. (Love my Baby K'Ta.n)

First outing with just the three of us! All the way to CV.S around the corner.
Calliope dressed for the occasion.
Amelie is wearing her hospital hat because nothing else fits yet.

Looking a little worse for wear (or is that just the Perco.set?) but so happy to have my girls on Amelie's Birth Day.

Did I mention the proud big sister?
(I had to order booties because none of the infant socks would stay on. The pink is... intense.)

Day Ten, 

Blurrily trying to capture how teeny tiny she is.


  1. It's amazing how teeny newborns are! You're all looking great!

  2. Cute pictures! Thanks for sharing. Calliope looks over the moon about her new sister. :)

  3. Beautiful, all three of you!! My favourite is of the three of you on Amelie's birthdate! And did I mention I love her name!! Beautiful!

  4. Two wonderful girls. Well done. Well done.

  5. Great pictures, and a huge congratulations to you!!!