Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thirty-Six (Plus) Weeks

Apart from feeling a bit wretched last Friday (seemed like my reflux was returning), I'm actually feeling remarkably good for late pregnancy.

I get a bit breathless, especially in the mornings, whenever I stand up. And also dizzy. I've hesitated to discuss it with my midwife because I don't want to go to the cardiologist. And last time I mentioned it, she recommended a visit to the cardiologist. I think the dizziness is just low blood pressure, because I don't get it while walking, only standing still. I try to drink tons of water with a little splash of juice added and that seems to help. I may mention it today at our weekly visit.

I've lost a half a pound. Now up only nine and a half pounds. It's getting sort of embarrassing. I hope my midwife doesn't think I have an eating disorder. I'm eating a lot more than when I had the reflux. Though admittedly I am getting full faster now than a few weeks ago. But that's pretty typical for late pregnancy.

I have another ultrasound and biophysical profile next week so I'll get another estimate on Tree Leaf's weight. I hope she's getting enough calories in there.

My apartment is pretty much ready -- I remembered to buy diapers for baby and Mommy this week (my doula recommends Depends for laboring at home, to minimize the mess) -- and my work is pretty much ready too. I have a few things in my hospital bag, and made a packing list fir the rest last night. Which means, of course, I won't go into labor until forty-two weeks. The fate of a well organized person. It never rains when you have your umbrella.

Calliope seems ready, too. Nervous about what will happen to her when I go to the hospital (unfortunately, where she goes or who stays with her depends on the date, so I can't give her a definite plan), but very excited for our new baby.

Feeding Baby Leo his first bottle and feeling very ready to be a big sister.


  1. You look great!! And Calliope looks already to help out with her new baby. :)

  2. You look good. I can't wait to see Calliope and Tree Leaf together.

  3. You look fantastic! Looking forward to finally meeting Tree Leaf and seeing here with her big sister. (Her big sister looks SO grown up all of a sudden!)

  4. You look great! I only gained 27 lbs with triplets & I ate 3000 calories a day! I'm sure your little one is getting what she needs :)

  5. You're sounding really great. Being prepared is good because then you can just relax wait for Tree Leaf to arrive.