Friday, February 19, 2016


Not a very interesting post but... I wanted to report that I'm feeling better. After a week off from work, spending nearly every day at home. I can't remember having such a quiet week since I've had kids, maybe ever. I've always been a little scared that if I accomplished so little, I'd never get up off the couch again.

It's been heavenly. Without a lot of big goals, I haven't had to rush my kids, well, really Calliope, out the door. We've both lived in our coziest pants. I've mostly been a lot less impatient with her. And I've loved getting to savor Amelie, who is still just the sweetest thing. I'm not sure if it's because she's still really small, but she's still such a baby, my baby, even at a day shy of eleven months. I love just lying on the couch and watching her.

So I think all this rest -- although I've actually only managed eight hours of sleep once -- or at least, time off from a hectic schedule, has helped a lot. I also wonder, in hindsight, if I was detoxing from going off wheat. I didn't eat a ton of wheat before but I've suddenly noticed, in the last few days, that I have had more energy for workouts. And I'm mostly not tired despite sleeping less than I usually do.

Whatever it is, I'm grateful.

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