Sunday, February 7, 2016

February Resolution

My January resolutions were:

  1. Excellent dental hygiene. Including no picking at my gum. -- Total success!
  2. Reading to Amelie every day. Err. Maybe 80% success. I forgot to do it tonight because I was punishing her sister. Yup, I'm the anti-punisher but tonight, I told Calliope what she could snack on while I was putting Amelie to bed. From the other room, I heard the cupboard door close. I knew none of the authorized foods were in the cupboard. I came out and found her with her head buried in the couch. I asked, "Calliope, what you are doing?"

    "Sneaking, " she confessed. I was impressed by her honesty!

    I pried the yogurt raisins out of her fist and put them back in the kitchen and told Calliope that the kitchen was now closed and she needed to pick stories for that night.

    I went back to tending to the baby, and a minute later, came back out and found Calliope with her mouth bulging. I tried to make her spit them out but it was too late, she bolted them down.

    So I silently took her to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and used her inhaler, and deposited her in her bed. She didn't say much. Didn't cry or protest, though. I have to figure out what to say to her tomorrow.
  3. No reading at the table. No eating with distractions. -- I'm doing really well! Maybe 95%? Now that I'm doing so well, I let myself slide every now and then. Knowing I have the new habit, I can consciously choose to break it occasionally for good reason.
  4. Keeping the hall table clean and clear. -- Eh, not so good. I'm still trying. But it feels less critical than the others.

    I feel like I never stop cleaning up and tidying up with two kids. It's exhausting. And sometimes, tidying up yet one more thing just doesn't seem like a good use of my energy. So I'm okay with how I'm doing. I wish it was neater, but it's not the most important thing.

And now for my February resolution... Being wheat free. The Wheat Belly book continues to impress me. And since I cut out wheat, approximately on the first day of February, my blood sugars have been better, mostly much better. I've been getting some fasting blood sugars in the 80s! Before they were in the low 100s some days.

Unfortunately, I'm not seeing any loss in belly fat just yet, and I think I really need to not have fat sitting around my organs, as it's a big risk factor for disease.

But I'm doing my best. One thing at a time. And with wheat, I can't just cut back. I really need it 100% eliminated. So it's a big change, and I'm doing really great.


  1. Cutting wheat is hard! but for me, I feel so much better when I do.

  2. My mom cut wheat & feels great...but didn't lose any weight. I don't have the will power for it so good for you. Stick with it