Friday, May 13, 2016

Pay It Forward

Inspired by Surly Mama, I'm paying it forward in the form of my incredible good luck in conceiving my two healthy girls with relative ease, though it didn't necessarily feel easy at the time!

Still, SMC hopeful Kristina has been trying for an incredible ten years, some with a partner and some without, and she's now trying to fundraise a mere $6000 to help her pursue a guaranteed pregnancy program with donor embryos through California Conceptions as an SMC once again. (She'll pay the other $6000 herself, but can't afford the full $12,000 after her many years of TTC.)

Six thousand dollars is a relatively small amount. It shouldn't take her long from our army of supportive SMCs. One SMC gave $5, all she could afford, and I know it meant the world to Kristina.

You can read a far more eloquent post about it here at Surly Mama's website.

Or here, at Kristina's Fundrazr site Kristina's Fundrazr Site.

Thanks, Surly Mama, for suggesting this!

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