Thursday, June 2, 2011

Feeling Weird

I mean, I'm always weird.

But I'm feeling a little weird physically.

My bra has been bugging me lately -- the underwire digs into my ribcage, but strangely, only bothers me on the right side. I only notice it at random times, though -- during the long car ride this past weekend, and then lying on the couch today. Finally I gave up and took the darn thing off.

And two hours later... my ribcage is still aching. So I don't think it's the bra, after all.

But what else would make my ribcage ache?

And then, I've just felt extra tired and a little off today. Mostly at the beginning and end of the day. Work was fine once I got engaged. But tonight, I'm exhausted. Same with this morning, walking to the subway... the walk felt long, for the first time.

The girl, she's been moving a lot. Bigger, whole body movements that are a little "whoa" in their intensity. And for the first time, this morning, she was moving a lot while I was walking. Usually, she's totally still when I am moving.

And I'm feeling so darn excited to meet her, really focused on it today... and then I start to worry that the very fact that I am thinking about it so much means something.

And that scares me.

But I can't very well call my midwife and say, "Gee, um, my ribcage is sore, I'm tired, and really focused on meeting my girl. Do you need to see me right away, or what?"

So I'm left feeling weird.


  1. Weird is pretty normal - I felt the same way at various times in my pregnancy. The time to meet her is getting close - enjoy feeling her move and punch around in there while you can. :)

  2. My bra always bugs me. And I always feel weird.