Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Day of Work... for FIVE MONTHS!!!

I can't quite believe it, but between summer break and maternity leave, I don't go back to work for five whole months! (I'll spend a couple days in September in the office to make sure everything is set up for whoever the temporary medical provider is... but I will safely disappear again before the children return.)

It feels wonderful and strange. I'm happy to not have to commute on the subway anymore. That's been the hardest part -- it just wears me out.

Eating a Big Gay Ice Cream cone in Union Square last night, celebrating my second-to-last day of work.  (My medical assistant cut and straightened my hair at work -- we were "practicing" for my maternity photo shoot in a week. Did I mention it was really quiet at work with the kids gone these last two days?) The picture doesn't really capture the size of my ankles and feet.

Now that I've got more free time, I'm bound and determined to be better hydrated, and also to try putting my feet up really high and see if that helps with the disturbing swelling going on down there. Really impressive goals, I know!

I also want to finish my online lactation consultant courses (even though it looks like it will be impossible to complete the clinical hours), to start doing squats to prepare my leg muscles for labor, and to continue Hypnobirthing (and Kegels).

In other news, my belly now props up my breasts -- how strange!

Saying goodbye to brothers Matthew (left) and William (right). They are such lovely boys -- so affectionate and sweet -- and I have loved watching them grow up these last four and a half years. Matthew now goes on to the gifted and talented middle school nearby, and William will start at a small specialized high school in Williamsburg. William hugged me goodbye at least four times. I will miss them!


  1. 5 months off!! I am jealous! I am already worried about having to go back to work and I have 10 weeks left to go.

  2. That is an absolutely awesome ice cream truck.