Monday, March 5, 2012

And Another Thing

This is the sort of thing that is maybe more easily shared on a mostly anonymous blog...

I have a boil.

On my cootch.

It's not from anything fun, or even anything like preparing for fun (like shaving), it's just weirdly... there.

It's not even in a particularly interesting area, as the geography down south goes. I think it's a coincidence that it's covered by underwear and thus gets better billing than if it was, say, located on my leg.

But what an awesome reason for a sick day, should it not heal in a few more days, right?

"Oh sorry, brand-new-boss, I have a festering boil on my yoni, won't be making it in today. You don't mind, do you?"


  1. Lol! I'd love to see your boss's face!

    Another thought... Maybe the chemicals kept the boil at bay?? ;)

    It is getting warmer. You and Calliope up for a hike some weekend soon?